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Shanghai assist sows limited company of electronic science and technology
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Shanghai assist sows limited company of electronic science and technology to be located in Shanghai fine decide high-tech garden, the high-tech enterprise that is transmission equipment of broadcasting television of professional research and development, production, sale, also be Chinese head home rolls out the SDI number that accords with standard of digital TV international to inspect frequency to the market (frequency is embedded) the professional corporation that light of number of stereo of smooth end chance, multichannel carries machine set. Chance of smooth to this series end has the company completely own intellectual property!

Assist sows a company to have the group of research and development with a seasoned, banner technology, personnel of core research and development goes in cable television fiber-optic to transmit technical forward position from beginning to end:
The AV of the first broadcast level of domestic of 87 years of research and development carries group of company research and development solely award of achievement of science and technology of Shanghai of machine Ceng Huo
Participate in land with certain boundaries of the first city of Chinese the construction   of net of fiber-optic cable television
Participate in AM-VBS light upright machine is homebred the success that change is developed and take the lead in pushing to the market, reaped gain of Shanghai science and technology 1995 second-class award  
Signal of “ video, frequency, radio frequency is fiber-optic 1999 transmission technology and applied ” project obtain   of award of third class of progress of science and technology of national Ministry of Education

Banner technology, high grade product, perfect service is sufficient establish AM-VSB light carries machine and PFM light upright machine the lead position in the market, get the reliance of the user greatly, the product pervades hundreds of TV stations of 20 province, town of domestic.

At the beginning of 2004, the chance that TV of number of have the aid of starts in the round, assist sows a company to take the lead in giving out a number to inspect frequency light to carry machine set again: SDI number inspects frequency (frequency is embedded) light of number of stereo of smooth end chance, multichannel carries machine set! It is afterwards simulative PFM and the PCM exact number that do not have SDI opening the new generation is real figure after smooth end chance inspects chance of frequency light end, it is broadcasting station of TV station, broadcast the optimal choice that far, close quarters transmits the digital video signal that accords with international standard, digital frequency signal.

Recombined Shanghai triumphant cropland 2007 limited company of fiber-optic TV equipment makes the company had farther promotion in every respect.
Of the technology banner result from be accumulated for a long time and try hard indefatigably, dedicated, persistent ability innovates ceaselessly. Assist sows company general as always dedicated the demand at the client, the enterprise that depends on banner technical actual strength and normative major is run, according to international standard research and development and production, the transmission equipment that realizes comprehensive digitlization to offer ideal for wide cable department wholeheartedly and perfect application serve.
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