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Shenzhen city luck brings limited company of division peaceful electron
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Shenzhen city luck brings limited company of division peaceful electron, it is a civilian battalion company of new and high technology, earlier major is engaged in home the business that video light carries technology and intelligent household how to prevent systematic research and development, the advocate that is this domain technology and market and the person that drive.
The development that the company basically pursues video light carrying machine and household how to defend systematic product, production reachs a sale, offer supervisory system of security personnel of monitoring of road of intelligent edifice, residence and commercial village, traffic, bank to wait for applied solution. Current, the whole nation has the systematic engineering company of more than 700 different domains to use our company product, bringing the market share that defends monitoring application domain to have stability.
Ruianketai regards the core competition ability of the enterprise as innovation of science and technology from beginning to end. In company existing staff, 60% above are record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning. Ministry of research and development has engineer of elder research and development, with be opposite for years the profundity of video technology understands, with the indefatigable pursuit to outstanding character, the product tracks international latest technology from beginning to end, carry domestic technology lead position. Light of video of company newest research and development carries machine product, its technology holds top-ranking position in home!
We are certain the client's success is our success from beginning to end, give the client the partner that progresses jointly for the career. The sale network that went up to had been built and perfects ceaselessly and system of technical support service are run in the market, the production that is normative product and detect, offer best product to the client, the company established quality hierarchy of control according to ISO9000 international standard.
Today, ruianketai already maintained high-speed a few years to grow continuously, enterprise dimensions expands quickly, look into future, ruianketai will pass indefatigable effort, ceaseless science and technology to innovate, maintain an enterprise to last, stable, high-speed develops, to stride of taller a flight of stairs!

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