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Guangzhou Chinese believes communication equipment limited company
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Limited company of equipment of communication of Guangzhou Chinese letter is a collect own product research and development, production, sale and service are the company of new and high technology of an organic whole, company main base oneself upon at home market, set out from the angle that raises level of Chinese communication technology, strive communication system domain the China of thought transfer of technology of foremost edge, promote the progress of domestic communication technology and development.
What Guangzhou Chinese letter has a batch to pursue development, development and sale for years is medium advanced technology personnel and administrator, major is engaged in fiber-optic transmit, consultative changeover, exchange the communication product such as equipment. The company has abundant technology to develop power, masterly manufacturing technology reachs advanced manufacturing facilities. The company sets the orgnaization of research and development with abundant actual strength, the member that at present branch of company research and development shares a person 138 people, among them Master above 46 people.
The communication equipment that my company produces, product line is complete, the construction is reasonable, the function is complete, interface is rich, quality is reliable (carry relevant section entirely detect report and permit into the net) , get the accord of the user reputably. Already was in each telecommunication section, government, the communication such as army of railroad, wide report, public security, oil field, mine is fair net and only on the net, receive wide application. The product already experienced number the hour is uninterrupted the test that run, equipment moves to be stabilized extremely.
The member of company management group comes from mostly at domestic and international famous transnational corporation, state-operated is large enterprise and home's famous institution of higher learing, they brought a lot of advanced management concepts and administrative method, formed the effective administrative system that has distinguishing feature of ” of “ Chinese letter, passed ISO9001:2 on May 30, 2002000 levels quality manages systematic attestation. Company general is run strictly all the time according to modern business management system, take quality the first, the client's consummate principle, ceaseless innovation raises do one's best.

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