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Shenzhen city brings limited company of astral number system
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Shenzhen city brings limited company of astral number system is the compositive supplier that a major devotes oneself to how to defend supervisory system product, the product includes high speed ball, laser night inspects a system, chance of digital light end, matrix switch controls a system, network matrix, hard disk videocorder, provide the product line with stock complete major, offer a product to not have for the client seam compositive change a service; An Xing depends on the perfect compatibility between professional technical dominant position and product, advanced sex, stability, flexibility, won the collaboration of as compositive as numerous system business and reliance. What we offer to the client is a product not merely, offer the overall design from the system however, program, action bid, install construction, debug, after service, use feedback finally to the user to wait a series of professional service. Assure user save worry, be at ease, ease use brings product of astral monitoring series. Product of the monitoring that bring a star applies case to include monitoring of system of monitoring of urban road, public security, banking, national defence and suppress smuggling, lou Yu, factory, electric power, freeway, educational education, medical treatment system, uptown etc.

The company that bring a star sells AD matrix from the earliest representative, NTK light carries machine product to start, think all the time act on be in charge of for the client, let what the client is at ease make work manner, base oneself upon prevents a trade at installing. The product is particular include matrix leader, network matrix, chance of digital light end, network video server, hard disk videocorder, high speed ball, camera of stage of cloud of unifinication high speed, road monitoring camera, infra-red laser night inspects a system.

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