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Changzhou city arranges raise electron limited company
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Limited company of electron of Changzhou city suitable raise is the research and development that a major pursues video, frequency handling peripheral equipment, production, sale the high-tech enterprise at an organic whole. The company holds to high starting point to develop the strategy, strengthen and promote science and technology innovation capability, according to market demand, fast investment develops new technology and product, build the market sale that faces the market and client and service platform, be improved continually and perfect a client to serve measure.   

The company is relied on for the technology with Changzhou engineering college, in the technical team that permanent worker of field of communication scientific research makes, rich product was accumulated to develop experience in the process that develops communication device, have original place to producing those who taste quality, function to hold, dog in time to forward position technology and product, will assure the banner sex of product and technology, provide the service with better more for the client.   

Signal of the double skeining thread that company development produces and coaxial video, frequency, data transmits lightning arrester of equipment and coaxial lightning arrester, power source, the series such as lightning arrester of 485 lightning arrester, double skeining thread, already wide application arrives of all kinds project is actual in go, applied limits includes space of floor of intelligent village, supermarket, hospital, jail, school, electric power, irrigation works, railroad, parking lot, bank, industrial and mining enterprises, intelligence, freeway to wait how to prevent monitoring domain.   

The company relies on the difficult pursuit of dribs and drabs, work with perseverance, take " technology innovation, quality the first, sincere letter collaboration, user is consummate the tenet of " , establish friendly cooperative relationship with the product of high quality, high-class service and user.

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