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Hangzhou loves limited company of pood electron science and technology
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Limited company of science and technology of electron of Hangzhou love pood is a development that transmits equipment with video image, production, sale, service the company of estate of new and high technology that is an organic whole, the company is relied on for the technology with Zhejiang university, hold to it is with the talent essential, credit is a foundation, new and high technology is oriented, the market is developed for the breakthrough, customer satisfaction is the management tenet of the target, all the time the research and development that unremitting ground devotes oneself to fiber-optic image to transmit a product, make.

Since the company is founded oneself, a large number of investment that to the product innovation develops, ceaseless pursuit to outstanding product quality, and high grade and efficient business service and after service make the company becomes an actual strength to occupy market vantage ground abundantly, firmly and the forward position enterprise of ceaseless development. The company transmits the development of equipment to satisfy the fiber-optic image that grows increasingly, the fiber-optic number video that rolled out whole set to own own intellectual property, frequency, data transmits smooth end chance. Digital light carries machine series to have independent type, frame type and standard type, it is applied extensively at network of monitoring of enterprise of system of irrigation works of traffic of intelligence of broadcasting television system and freeway, city, electric power, large mining plant, campus, campus, park to wait how to defend video supervisory system.

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