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Guangzhou mails limited company of division communication equipment
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Limited company of equipment of communication of Guangzhou mail division (abbreviation Guangzhou mails family company) , it is base of industrialization of gain of plan of high-tech of company of Guangzhou city new and high technology, country, the design development that basically pursues product of high-tech communication electron and relevant industry product, production is made, sale and technical service.
The company has abundant technology to develop force and masterly manufacturing technology and advanced manufacturing facilities, correspond in equipment of photoelectricity parts of an apparatus, photoelectricity, data equipment of product of product, form a complete set of network equipment, communication, communication prevents Lei Fang the face obtained distinguished result.
Our company develop information science and technology with “ , revitalize ethical industry ” to be a tenet, hold to dimensions to change, the development road of industrialization, informatization, internationalization, carry out “ to be with the person hard in manufacturing management activity this, the business concept of ” of innovation science and technology, devote oneself to development to make one of China's most powerful Information Industry groups. The guiding ideology appearance that promotes ” with “ science and technology suits, the company sets the orgnaization of research and development with abundant actual strength, the development development that the academy pursues Information Industry technology technically developing product of electron of trend and research of applied development climate, of all kinds communication and overall technology support are waited a moment. Academy establishment all ready, environment is beautiful, have the scientific research that have a strong lineup to develop a team at present, set many professional institutes, domain of research and development involves network, terminal, trade, transmit, receive, the numerous domain such as wireless, data.
Company of Guangzhou mail family pursues “ to develop top-ranking technology, make top-ranking product, control top-ranking quality, provide high-class service, the client that is a client jointly together with the client serves. The working guiding principle of ” , it is with ISO9001 quality system assure, it is in order to revitalize ethical communication industry oneself, the grandiose end that faces transnational corporation advances courageously.

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