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Chance of end of light of network image monitoring applies mediumly in urban int
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Chance of end of image monitoring light already applied in supervisory system of urban road traffic widely, the smooth end machine that uses normally at present is deferent sheet road or multichannel image and retrorse data, its action is the image crossing passes command center, the control signal that command center middles finger again in the meantime transmits crossing, the cloud station that controls crossing and photograph like the head. The article will introduce a kind of new-style monitoring light upright machine, it can realize light to carry machine above not only these functions, what still can realize 10/100Mbps data at the same time is two-way transmit, we call chance of this kind of smooth end network monitoring light upright machine.
Chance of end of network monitoring light is the equipment that collect monitoring and network interconnection are an organic whole, it can come true in fiber-optic on transmit all the way, road or 4 two image, two-way control signal and signal of two-way 10/100Mbps data. Chance of smooth emissive end conveys image signal a sink machine, at the same time sink machine can be answered again send control signal to emissive end chance, emissive end chance and sink machine both sides have the data opening of a 10/100Mbps, what can realize 10/100Mbps data is two-way transmit.

At present the effective demand of urban road supervisory system develops the foundation the development of this system and development, in May 2000, the author participated in project of monitoring of road of town of door of Hubei chaste tree, this project requirement carries monitoring of machine implementation road and electronic police to close with monitoring light 2 for the function of one, the chance of monitoring light end on the market can realize picture of odd fine only way and two-way low speed to lead data only at that time (of 100kps) transmit, in the discovery in actual project, systematic work efficiency is very low, catch the volume that the picture that take has 100k ~ 400k every pieces to differ through electronic police normally, and the transmission passageway of two-way low rate, picture of transmission electron police is very slow, about 4, plant 5 minutes ability is deferent a piece, and still drop a line constantly, from the spot observation discovers a day of place catchs common to crossing buccal picture has 400 pieces or so, having one much among them is the car of right travel when red light, according to the transmission rate that a piece of picture needs on average 4 minutes, so 400 pieces of pictures need what 26 hours keep to convey to just can be finished without accident. This cannot satisfy real need of course, if have the transmission rate of 10/100Mbps, so a piece of picture needs a few seconds only, busy to traffic crossing, can satisfy as much use. According to this effective demand author developed light of monitoring of this kind of network upright machine.

Saw again in actual project actually so a phenomenon, be in a lot of areas, the bureau that make a valve or him public security bureau do not have laid cable, cable is hire telecommunication bureau, the lunar rent charge of cable is used many, and interior of public security bureau has computer network interconnection again at the same time, the requirement such as in-house speech communication and conference TV, and realize these functions to want telegraphic branch application and hire line again, at the same time lunar rent charge is not little. Use machine of end of network monitoring light, use the line of the fiber-optic image supervisory system with the existing bureau that make a valve, can realize computer network interconnection likewise, the function of in-house speech communication and conference TV.
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