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Video light carries the development of machine and application
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Chance of video light end has developed more than 20 years in China, fiber-optic transmit also became during this most the vocabulary that gets attention. As applied domain gradually thorough, manufacturer of aircraft of domestic light end also begins light of own research and development to carry machine product gradually, the occurrence of homebred product makes the cost of chance of whole light end drops considerably, right now, single standard cable and smooth end chance also mature stage by stage, make transmission distance farther, the effect is better, got applied in more monitoring domains, wait like monitoring of freeway, large mining plant, village, change a few times when carry machine technology solely the big range application that deciding video light to carry machine product, people is experienced gradually fiber-optic transmit brought numerous advantage.

1.Of single standard technology gain ground. The earliest fiber-optic circuitry is much model, transmission space is general and only 2KM, transmission effect is poor, suffer interference easily, as Chan Moguang fine and technology of smooth end machine gain ground, transmission distance can realize 30-40KM easily, because Chan Moguang fine is,include a kind to conduct a pattern only in transmit, the chromatic dispersion between the model and interference are very small, the distance that also decided single standard equipment can be transmitted is farther, show video light to carry aircraft equipment to had realized single standard basically to transmit entirely, the smooth parts of an apparatus of much model is basic already stop production, can be like the problem below so, if the client is early the much model cable of a few years of laid, and there is much model light again on the market upright machine, the adjustment that has passed smooth end opportunity in the light of manufacturer of this issue part solved this problem.

2.Cent answer uses the thick wave of imitate series technology (CWDM) , the occurrence of this technology makes smooth end chance got huge development and progress in the respect such as transmission capacity, transmission mode, transmit from Chan Xinguang fine namely one, two smooth wave band expand 7, 8 smooth wave band. Fiber-optic can transmit signal of more sound, video, data. If 32 inchoate video are smooth,upright machine can realize odd fine to transmit 32 video. But the confine as a result of imitate technology oneself, the inside story that odd fine transmits is bigger, debug difficulty bigger, because means of simulative FM frequency modulation is signal to load arrives on different carrier wave frequency, transmission a movement in martial arts is more at the same time, carrier frequency is more, frequency paragraph the clearance between is closer, the interference between the frequency that arises possibly is bigger, with respect to the radio that listens as us, the broadcasting station that listen is more, frequency paragraph closer, the possibility that disturbs between channel is larger. It is very good that so imitate carries the transmission effect of machine solely all the way.
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