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9 ask digital video light upright chance
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As the ceaseless maturity of fiber-optic market, its cost and the cost of use cable keep balance basically, even some of circumstance is met the cost under cable. Fine transmits such use light to become have an advantage more and more, smooth end chance subsequently wide also application is in each are big in the project, the king of “ old times in letting everybody can't help remembering ancient poetry thanks Tang Qianyan, fly into ” of home of common common people, smooth end chance is before no longer be said to get the sort of “ parvenu ” , and the daily life that has entered people.

Smooth end chance can be divided from main job principle carry machine and digital light for imitate light upright machine, the smooth signal that chance of imitate light end transmits is signal of imitate smooth modulation, suffer outside effect easily, transmission distance also has restriction, had been washed out to 2006. The bareheaded signal that chance of digital light end transmits is digital signal 0, 1 corresponding smooth signal is strong, weak condition. Different 0, the video signal that 1 combination represents distinct range, digital light carries the machine influence with sufferring outside ambient, transmission portfolio is large, transmission distance is far wait for an advantage, get everybody's welcome, replace machine of imitate light end in the round thereby, with light of number of OT Systems set upright machine is exemple more the understanding that cuts fully is carried solely machine.

Ask one: Recognize opportunity of video light end

Internal composition

Ask 2: What is fiber-optic interface

Fiber-optic interface is fiber-optic the join mouth with smooth end chance, fiber-optic link mouth basically has sort of ST3 of   of FC   SC in smooth end chance model, representing 3 kinds of different interface structures. FC is the metal covers screw construction, smooth coupling sex is better, very firm, install loaded down with trivial details. SC is to use insert unplug type construction, crust is rectangle, smooth coupling sex is pretty good, not firm, installation is simple, ST is the metal of structure of locking of type blocking an opening that leads key cover join head, also be screw locking structure, smooth coupling sex is bad, firmer, installation is simple, 3 person action is same, realize fiber-optic mobile link namely. Use FC to be fiber-optic interface mostly now.

Ask 3: What is loss of the biggest smooth link

Be about to understand first in this send smooth power and smooth receiver sensitivity, deliver smooth power (typical cost) it is to show smooth catapult outputs smooth power normally, it is an unit with Dbm, smooth receiver sensitivity is the input that when receiver pointing to light works normally, allows smooth power is the least value. It is an unit with Dbm. Loss of the biggest smooth link is the fiber-optic transmission passageway that allows when regular to catapult and receiver job the biggest loss is worth (deliver smooth power namely - ) of smooth receiver sensitivity. Of chance of hypothesis light end send smooth power to be - 4.50dbm, smooth receiver sensitivity is - 14.8dbm, loss of that the biggest smooth link is - 4.5dbm-(-14.8)dbm=10.3dbm. In carrying loss of the biggest smooth link, we give light to carry the farthermost transmission distance of machine with respect to OK and preliminary estimation.
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