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9 ask digital video light upright chance
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Ask 7: What is to believe comparing of a confusion of voices

Letter a confusion of voices is compared (S/N) is picture signal peak - peak value and noise signal peak - the ratio of the peak, the number that use Db shows. Point to the rate that noise of the signal in transmission processing process raises, also be the index with reflective signal very main quality. Opportunity of digital light end is right of imitate signal before the metropolis such as the level that the level that the size of ripple of wave of buy enlarge, filter, power source, number quantifies, circuit handles affects a letter comparing of a confusion of voices. Believing a confusion of voices to be informed than seeing what can be clear about from literal meaning is a ratio, ratio jumps over Damingguang to carry the effect of machine to had been jumped over, s/N≥70db image can achieve high-definition clear result, the S/N of partial manufacturer is put in water portion, everybody still should carry observation image, discern from the effect.
Ask 8: What is differential gain is mixed phasic

Differential gain (DG) is the chroma signal extent that causes as a result of change of extent of image luminance signal is lack fidelity, with % than expressing. Differential and phasic (DP) is the chroma signal that causes as a result of change of extent of image luminance signal phasic lack fidelity, express with ° . Namely luminance signal has a how old index to chroma signal influence. If the user feels chroma has lack fidelity, have apparent change as brightness especially, likely this target is not quite good. Of course the equipment itself that around carries (for instance camera, monitor) this index falls with respect to very high case

Ask 9: What is auxiliary function module

Smooth end chance transmits a passageway except what provide video signal outside, still can offer rich other signal to transmit a passageway, like frequency signal, asynchronous data signal (RS232, RS422, RS485) , aether net signal, switch quantity signal, right tell signal and signal of average telephone call to wait. These signal can use cable to join directly, just can transmit farther distance through carrying machine join solely and reduce cable amount, chance of this days end is replaced simply with respect to what became cable in formally. Good light should understand to carry kind of the data type of equipment of machine place join and interface beforehand when project business and client are purchasing smooth end aircraft.

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