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Current society, fiber-optic communication already made one of main instruments of communication. In the meantime, fiber-optic communication technology also is developing at full speed, make fiber-optic transmission system with its numerous advantage, gained everybody's favour. As a result of fiber-optic a variety of transmission advantages, the circumstance that carries machine application solely is very extensive.

As a result of the number technical photograph compares technology and traditional imitate to have clear advantage in a lot of respects, like replacing imitate technique in a lot of domains like digital technology so, the digitlization of smooth end chance also is a kind of inevitable trend.

How does article introduction use chance of digital light end to be built in building small town, of town how to prevent video monitoring net.

Why to use smooth end chance to come group net, although a variety of video transmit plan to be able to offer an alternative now, but small town is established in compose, of town when how defending plan of video monitoring network, we or proposal owner use chance of end of light of fiber-optic addend word to come compose builds transmission platform.

- hire broadband circuit is costlier

Current, wide report, telegraphic, the net is connected etc can hire circuit, but E1 special railway line, professional work of VLAN special railway line is more expensive, common broadband circuit is given priority to for digital business service, pass video to QOS asks chief question.

- how to prevent video monitoring net to be astral shape structure commonly, the bandwidth that requirement center carries is taller.

- the equipment that place of hire broadband circuit requires is more, and costly, the system is safeguarded complex.

Hire broadband circuit, the user should configure all sorts of smooth end chance, fiber-optic send and receive implement, e1 answer is used implement, l2/L3 switching equipment, video makes up decoder. Because transmit image, taller also to the requirement of equipment, facility cost also subsequently costly, need hands in Gao Shuiping
the system maintains staff.

Under photograph comparing:

- in small town, town helps fiber-optic cost not tall, fiber-optic price fall is sharper.

- fiber-optic the level that goes up to carry machine transmission video to be able to reach level of middle distance broadcast with digital light, it is MPEG2, MPEG4, JPEG cannot be likened to.

- fiber-optic the transmission device that the plan institute that goes up to carry machine transmission video with digital light uses is smooth end chance. Chance of digital light end need not any setting, square. The personnel that does not have professional setting can be installed.

- need not pay hire fee, can use for a long time.

The basic method of group net

Video of use sheet road / the video signal that the light of one logarithm word of retrorse data carries camera of machine general monitoring transmits monitoring center, use video alloter is video signal cent two, enter video matrix all the way, enter hard disk videocorder all the way.
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