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The means that chance of digital light end transmits
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As a result of the number technical photograph compares technology and traditional imitate to have clear advantage in a lot of respects, like replacing imitate technique in a lot of domains like digital technology so, the digitlization of smooth end chance also is a kind of inevitable trend. Current, chance of end of digital image light basically has kind of two kinds of technologies: One kind is MPEG II image reduce chance of digital light end, another kind of dispute reduces chance of end of digital image light.
Image compresses chance of digital light end to use MPEG II image to compress a technology commonly, the data shedding that it can compress mobile image N×2Mbps is transmitted through standard telecommunication communication interface or pass directly fiber-optic transmit. Because used image to compress a technology, it can reduce signal to transmit bandwidth greatly, at taking up with benefit less resource can convey image signal. In the meantime, because used the standard interface of N×2Mbps, the rich channel that can use existing telegraphic transmission device transmits monitoring image, brought for project application convenient. Nevertheless, image compresses chance of digital light end to also have its inherent drawback. Its fatal weak point is the real time sex that unwarrantable image transmits. Because image reduces the time with reduce need proper with solution, the delay time of the 2 S of ~ of image generation 1 that so general meeting transmits to place. Accordingly, this kind of equipment agrees with only use in not tall to requirement of real time sex place, use in the project on get a few limitation. Additional, it is certain to pass the image after compressing to be able to arise lack fidelity, and this is planted light carries the price of machine also on the high side.
After be not the principle that reduces chance of end of digital image light to undertake imitate video signal A / D alternates namely, mix the signal such as speech, frequency, data undertakes answer receive, repass is fiber-optic transmit. It assures the transmission quality of video signal and real time sex with high data rate, because fiber-optic bandwidth is very big, so rate of this kind of tall data also did not raise exorbitant requirement to transmitting a passageway. Blame compress digital image light to carry function to offer very good image to transmit quality, reached the transmission mass of broadcast class, and image is transmitted be completely real time. Because use digitlization technology, can use in equipment already very mature communication technology for instance answer receive technology, light to send and receive a technology to wait, raised the dependability of equipment, also reduced cost.
The technical content of chance of end of digital image light is high, its still do not grow in the use time in monitoring project, use in multichannel image to transmit a respect mostly at present, the manufacturer that main reason depends on can offerring opportunity of this kind of smooth end at present is not much still, the price is carried relative to imitate light machine also a little on the high side. Nevertheless, because digital image is smooth upright opportunity is extraordinary the prominent dominant position that dispute reduces chance of end of digital image light, reduce cost plus the meeting after a large number of use, chance of imitate light end is sure to be carried very quickly by digital image light machine place is replaced.
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