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Video light carries machine market to shuffle how wind recrudesce manufacturer i
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2008 the depression of economic environment, inflation, prices rises the element that wait a moment, market of equipment of communication of chance of smooth to video end caused the effect of certain level.

The disorder that how deals with video light to carry machine market, the development tide that how prevents digitlization to face? This is the issue that is placed before manufacturer of aircraft of every smooth end. The disorder that carries machine market solely the arrival that market of adumbrative smooth end machine shuffles again. Between the manufacturer of smooth end aircraft that first time of market of smooth end machine shuffles brand and home have the abroad that happens in former preexistence home market to take forestall place to achieve technology and development actual strength formerly, shuffled result is domestic brand rises abruptly quickly, chinese market evicted foreign brand inside short time.

Carry machine market solely shuffle will happen in already held particular market share in home market and have the business that the technology is accumulated and develops actual strength and between the company of one Xin Guangduan aircraft that large quantities of is eager to that enter this market. Companies of these old smooth end aircraft (wait like Guangzhou mail division) , through ten years accumulate, had had certain dimensions, value of product quality, product has certain stability; New entered business, because intervene video light carries machine industry hastily, accumulate without the technology, use direct me-too method to develop a few machines hurriedly almost with respect to go into battle stripped to the waist, the only method that opens the market is price war, almost with former the half of market price case undertakes intervening forcibly, the result is the tremendous disorder that created the market inside short time.

Business of a lot of projects does not endure price temptation, convert in succession new brand, manufacturer of aircraft of smooth to old video on certain level end caused impact. But, can foreknow this kind of concussion will be brief. The light with new great majority carries aircraft manufacturer to be accumulated without the technology almost, especially a few manufacturer that should go from telegraphic product and come, returning what is making clear DG, DP begin to supply engine of video light end below the case that returns a responsibility. Its are as a result, rife problem produced on product quality, business of a lot of projects took “ cheap ” light carries the suffering of machine, final victim still is an user.

The truth is very actually simple, shuffle through first time, chance of video light end is already nonexistent sudden huge profits, manufacturer of aircraft of a little smooth end still can produce a product of ” of “ half price, only way is jerry, use inferior yuan of parts of an apparatus, collect worn-out to tear open machine smooth module even. The stand erect in wanting to shuffle in the 2nd does not fall or further progress expands, manufacturer of smooth end aircraft above all must can sink so that live to enrage, insist to win the market and client with character, establish the brand image that has oneself. If follow suit blindly, one only most seek low cost and sacrificial product quality, final result is certainly be washed out by the market.
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