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Fuji amounts to smooth end chance to transmit the application in the system in b
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During Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, open up square of culture of 26 cities Olympic Games, cover 18 areas county, mobile time is close 3 months. These 26 square general from June 23, 2008 (international Olympic day) begin to start, when to incomplete abstruse meeting concludes, stop continuously all the time, open freely to broad citizen. During the Olympic Games, 26 Olympic Gameses will install big screen on culture square, watch sports game for the public.
System of hookup of big screen of LED of square of Olympic Games culture, it is the hookup signal Beijing TV station is all the way DVI, two frequency, all the way on the LED big screen that RS232 data transmits each Olympic Games square through cable. Transmission distance is 5KM left and right sides on average. This needs chance of end of high-definition video light to finish the transmission of whole signal. Because use high-definition DVI signal, with the requirement of no risk at all of Olympic Games project, raised extremely tall requirement to transmitting the advanced sex of equipment and stability so. Fuji amounts to light of FST-TMDS high-definition video to carry TV station of machine course Beijing, LED manufacturer, wait for the test of professional Technical Division, final with advanced technology, excellent quality shows itself below the competition of other entrance brand, win the bid successfully to transmit a part of system of hookup of video of big screen of LED of square of Olympic Games culture solely! Pass the use of nearly 3 months, fuji amounts to chance of FST-TMDS light end with excellent performance, bright beautiful the height that image effect won a client is favorable! The system pursues as follows:

1, choose pair of dot way:

2, allocate type to transmit means:


Fuji amounts to FST-TMDS series chance of end of high-definition number light can transmit DVI signal not only, and still can transmit signal of high-definition video of VGA, HDMI at the same time. Overcame high-definition video signal remote a frequency character suffers when transmitting, group delay time is characteristic, ground wire of interference of frequency of on any account, power source the influence that wait, signal loss is severe, image occurrence faintness pulls end to divide the phenomenon such as end. Make high-definition video signal is in remote when transmitting, came true to not have truly compress nondestructive to break, transmission distance can amount to 1 ~ 20 kilometers.

Technical parameter:

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