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Smooth end chance: This is the times of a number
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More and more suppliers are mirrorred, user and project quotient are higher and higher to carrying the requirement of machine solely, for instance, the quality of the dependability stability of the product, transmission image, requirement to after service, and a lot of requirement that aircraft of current imitate light end is restricted to satisfy a client very hard already as a result of technical place, digital light carries machine successor to reside, outshine the rest on transmission market of smooth end machine.

Chance of imitate light end still has certain vivosphere

Inchoate, market of smooth end machine is primary it is with imitate the technology is given priority to, especially the product of only way. The Wang Yongwen of Changzhou roc approach says, but the defect that simulative treats means to its oneself is overcome hard, it passes demodulation of enlarge, modulation this kind of means will process signal, as the change of temperature, Wen Piao, signal also can produce change, and because smooth end chance is outdoors,use, the difference in temperature of wintry summer is bigger, requirement light carries function to get used to this kind of very big difference in temperature, when debugging equipment additionally, chance of imitate light end reachs consistency to the control of parameter each respect, it is faulty.

And the frequency modulation that simulative technology uses to now from inchoate amplitude modulation namely FM, technical development is nearly mature, have a breakthrough hard, and applied number technology, signal is very bad as those who debug an environment is temperature, different go changing, signal quality is high, accordingly, chance of digital light end begins bedding face to accumulate application to rise.

But, although digital technology has a lot of profit, touch light of only way imitate hard still to carry the price advantage of machine. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, of FM debug chip just ten, still have the light of important parts of an apparatus inside canal and slant canal, one slants canal 2, 30 money, this makes cost of yuan of parts of an apparatus of chance of imitate light end very low, go up in market of smooth end machine so, light of only way imitate carries light of machine comparing number to carry confidential petty gain. In project of a lot of projects, winning the bid with low already was not what rarely thing, say so, chance of imitate light end still has certain vivosphere. The Guo Shuxiao of light of Beijing million dimension says, but this basically is to be in a few small, in the project of low end, for instance village, public place of entertainment, community, these places are to funds raised by oneself, accordingly, appear have too many problems to deal with, the price to the product is so a few more sensitive.

Although imitate is smooth the effect of upright machine is poorer, but in the limits that still can accept in the user, not be the have more than is needed that says difference, increase the dominant position of the price again, say to still a lot of users can select engine of imitate light end actively so.
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