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Blame compress digital light to carry machine development current
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As the arrival of informatization society, the development of informatization revolution, make fiber-optic communication be able to develop at full speed. In method of a lot of communication, smooth end chance and fiber-optic number communication are main measure undoubtedly.

Come this year, the thorough popular feeling as tectonic and harmonious society and the abidance that build restful community develop, right fiber-optic transmission blame compresses digital light to carry the demand of machine to grow day and day; expands of scope of application ceaselessly as smooth end chance, of level of knowledge of technology of the person that use uneven, of use environment complex and changeful wait for an element, carry the property of machine to light, especially maneuverability, muti_function reach muti_function agile combination, agile applicability raised taller requirement, can transmit better picture signal merely, cannot have satisfied far how to prevent the market now the requirement that broad light carries machine user.

Because the smooth end chance in client memory should be: ? of depend on of ⑾ of  of Li of  of lie of  of howl of arsine of  of cangue Pan Li is used rise convenient like goofy camera; no matter severe winter midsummer, thunderous fulminate can be used in safety.

How to because be in,defend the smooth end plane that waits for a domain to use, front always gathers facility with image collective park outdoor or suspension is on the pole of moor, the calamity that suffers thunder is unavoidable, of weak report product preventing thunder is the topic that industry colleagues pay close attention to jointly, because thunder reason creates smooth end,engine damage also is industry colleagues the topic with feeling painful in the end.

Light carries the unit preventing thunder of aircraft equipment, can provide the protection of pair of equipment itself only, and the whole system preventing thunder that needs to rely on a system.

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