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Data light carries machine application plan
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As the flying development of communication technology, drove data light to carry the wide application of the communication equipment such as machine, fiber-optic communication technology already made the important instrument of communication. Fiber-optic transmission system has a capacity big, transmission distance is far two large dominant positions. Fiber-optic and theoretical capacity can amount to 20000GHz, without relay transmission distance can be amounted to 50 - 80 kilometers.

Chance of data light end is a kind of device that uses in fiber-optic communication, it is signal of a report essentially arrive to smooth signal, smooth signal the converter of telegraphic date. From transmission means glazing upright machine divides light of amount to word to carry machine and imitate light upright machine two kinds. Chance of digital light end is the image that should transmit place, speech and data signal undertake digitlizing handling, undertake these digital signal again answer good manages, make the digital signal of multichannel low speed is changed into all the way high speed signal, change this one signal into smooth signal. In sink will smooth signal is reductive into telegraphic date, reductive high speed signal discloses a signal of original multichannel low speed, finally again these data signal reductive into image, speech and data signal. The signal that chance of imitate light end will transmit namely has range or frequency modulation changes the telegraphic name with good modulation into smooth signal next. In sink will smooth signal is reductive into telegraphic date, undertake signal again demodulation, reductive an image, speech or data signal.

Quality of transmission signal of chance of data light end is high, the interference making shift when signal of multichannel of chance of smooth without imitate frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation end is passed together gets environmental influence, transmission quality badly, easily the defect with poor stability of inferior, long-term job, accordingly, chance of digital light end will replace imitate light gradually upright machine. Be in at present police of freeway, traffic, electron, monitoring, how to prevent, the domain such as industrial automation, electric power, custom, irrigation works, bank, the smooth end chance such as net of video image, frequency, data, aether already began general and many application.

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