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Optical successfully applied to the world Albert Guangzhou Asian Games
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Asian Games (Asian Games) referred to as the Asian Games, is Asia's largest integrated Games, held every four years term. "Action Asia, moved the world" as the theme of the 16th Asian Games will be held November 12, 2010 to 27 in Guangzhou, China. With outstanding world advanced Optical Albert, security and stability and excellent performance, successfully applied to the Guangzhou Asian Games Equestrian Center and other venues.
Guangzhou Asian Games will be the first time since the founding of the equestrian events held in the Mainland. Equestrian venues site contains several major market areas - dressage, jumping, cross country and so on. There will be 120-140 world horse competition, equestrian events will be 10 games, each can accommodate 5,000 spectators. "Asian Games equestrian venue in Hong Kong Equestrian training base will become even hold other major equestrian events. Future potential, how are off." Some people have commented.
Through the stadium, auditorium, and other front-end deployment entrance channel video capture points, Optical non-destructive video and control signal transmission, security personnel at the monitoring center can staff these important activities in the protected area for a clear and comprehensive real-time monitoring flexible control. Application in the game world of mixed plug-Albert Optical Optical, 4U chassis can be directly into a standard 19-inch cabinet. Business card centralized power supply, support with electric plug, a single card to be replaced, does not affect the work of other cards, chassis with independent high-performance switching power supply, optical anti-surge protection and power isolation design. At the same time the chassis has a temperature control function, chassis temperature, chassis fan under automatic switch, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the chassis.
Optical Albert world in the "proficient product" purposes, by the excellent performance, reliable quality and international leader in quality for the Guangzhou Asian Games in a safe and successful conduct and manage to make the greatest contribution.

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