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China Security surveillance video analysis technology upgrade Optical
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There is such an indisputable fact: China Security Monitoring extraordinarily rapid development of nearly coming year, application diversity and complexity of demand is unprecedented, so also cultivate a number of industry stars, the video is one of PDH One. In most people's minds, the video optical transceiver with high-quality images, high-fluency, large-scale monitoring, ultra-long haul transmission, linked to strong anti-interference performance, etc., these advantages is the current security monitoring of the recovery Ask for. Video Optical Multiplexer is described as "life get every time", so that the video PDH's future is bright, as the Beijing Light Bridge Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Naixian Times called: "only valuable living space." Optical technology with the rapid development and increasing popularity of applications, making video production and sales of Optical getting lower and lower barriers to entry, resulting in a low-end brand-name products in large numbers, but also to the mainstream manufacturers to cause great Impact, in view of the many manufacturers put effort into the technological innovation and new product development, and managed to mention the functions of the video Optical rise to a new level. Now, the video Optical technology upgrade is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is functional modular design, the main function of the product, such as the photoelectric conversion, video, data, audio and other functions designed to be completely independent modules Pluggable, so that for measurement of the production, marketing, customer care and other areas, can greatly enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Hanson and Changzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said its chief engineer Zhang Yanping public Video Optical Division of the main features in a modular design, and has been also working to upgrade. Second, the technology upgrade is also reflected in the diversity of functions, such as to provide a richer service interface, battery power failure alarm, OSD, lightning proof, equipment, network management and other aspects, convenience-oriented products should reflect the With the upgrade. According to the Beijing Frog Communication Technology Co., Ltd., as product manager for Feng Xiaowei introduced its Optical's new video are doing in these two areas very well. He also said, "In recent years, the company continues to provide Under the premise of high performance, optimal design in the product also invested a lot of effort to make more feature-rich product is more stable, prices are more favorable. " Reliability has been the focus of manufacturers. Beijing Light Bridge Times patented technology, unique pre-fault diagnosis system can detect whether the work in the health status of PDH. According to its president Zhang Naixian introduction: "Most of the Number of traditional video Optical, if warning lights, the PDH has been bad. The pre-fault diagnosis system with video Optical light warning, a reminder of the optical transceiver may be bad, need to be processed in a timely manner. " It is reported that Beijing has launched the era of light bridge two versions of pre-fault diagnosis system, which is the standard version (shows the most important parameters) and the Professional version (shown more complete information.) With the continuous expansion of fiber optic network and the extensive use Optical for the management of PDH is also imminent, for the situation, many companies developed a network management system. City, Hanson and security as usual, at the end of 2009 launched More features video network management system to improve the conventional network management functions. The existing network management system for the additional added detection equipment (such as adding information in the front-end test equipment), to backend platforms of the light energy and Feedback occurs when a large system, many problems (such as PDH is working, whether the transmission of video cameras, fiber is interrupted, etc.), can quickly remind the Administration sent to the fault repair time. According to an interview Understand that, with the network management functions not only learn about the working status of equipment to determine the fault type, the future of network management functions can also be hardware failure of some non-line repair.
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