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Technology: Analog Devices TI Digital Optical Supplier
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With the rapid development of communications technology, optical fiber communication technology has become an important means of communication. Optical fiber transmission system has the capacity, transmission distance and the two major advantages. Theoretical capacity of fiber up to 20000GHz, no relay transmission distance of up to 50-80 km. Optical fiber communication is used in a device, essentially a signal to the optical signal, optical signal to electrical signal converter. Optical transmission divided from the Optical Digital Optical and analog types. Digital Optical is to be transmitted images, voice and data signals for digital processing, and then the multiplexed digital signal processing, the low-speed multi-way digital signals into high-speed signals, and converts the signal light signal. Optical signal at the receiving end will be reduced to electrical signals, to restore the original high-speed signal decomposition of multiple low-speed signals, signals the final and then restore the data image, voice and data signals. Optical simulation is to be transmitted amplitude or frequency modulation signal and then modulated optical signals into electrical signals good. Optical signal at the receiving end will be reduced to electrical signal, then signal demodulation, to restore the image, voice or data signals. Digital Optical transmission signal quality, no analog frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation Optical simultaneous multi-channel signal crosstalk when a serious, easily affected by environment, poor transmission quality, long-term disadvantage of poor stability, so Digital Optical Optical will gradually replace analog. Currently the highway, traffic, e-police, surveillance, security, industrial automation, power, customs, water, banking and other fields, the video images, audio, data, Ethernet Optical generally large number of applications has begun. Figure 1 is a typical optical transceiver applications. Analog Devices TI is the world's largest supplier of the system requirements for Digital Optical (Figure 2), TI offers a full set of high performance analog solutions. Video Channel TIOPAX692 / 3 and THS73X3 series of video amplifier provides high-performance video signal processing filter shaping, differential gain and differential phase were up to 0.001% and 0.01%, according to the specific system requirements to choose a suitable video amplifier. TLC55X0 series of high-performance ADC (8bits ,20-40MSPS) after the video amplifier transform analog signals into digital signals, SNR up to 46dB. To achieve higher signal processing and transmission quality, recommended TITHS1041ADC (10bits, 40MSPS), THS1041 is designed for video applications, and its biggest feature is the internal integration of the clamp and an adjustable gain amplifier, from Figure 2 (a) can be seen, the use of THS1041 is a highly integrated solution, THS1041 of the SNR up to 57dB. For the DAC, we recommend TIDAC908 (8bits, 165MSPS) or DACX900 (10bits, 165MSPS), these two DAC are also designed for video applications. Audio Channels TI provides a comprehensive audio solutions, including audio amplifier, audio A / D / A, digital audio and more. PDH system based on demand (amp + A / D / A), we recommend using OPAX134/X604 as audio amplifiers, DRV13X/INA13X as the audio driver. Audio ADC recommended PCM180X, audio DAC recommended PCM175X. If using audio Codec (ADC + DAC), we recommend TLV320AIC3X/2X series. High-speed parallel to serial data conversion interface TI provides the industry's most competitive and high-speed serial converter (Serdes). TLK1501/2501/3101 (16:1) Series provides the rate from 0.5Gbps to 3.125Gbps range, power consumption is lower than 350mV, to LVTTL level parallel interface, serial interface with CML and VML level, with most of the light / electrical module direct docking. If the small amount of data can be used SN65LV1023A/1224B (10:1), it provides 100Mbps to 660Mbps from the serial rate, the level for the LVDS level. System clock If the ring topology of the cascade, at every level from the previous level in the high-speed data to be provided the same level as the master clock to the system clock synchronization, the lines extracted from a larger clock jitter, the general need for clock jitter removal, TI's CDC7005 or CDCM7005 is specific to this application is a high performance PLL clock jitter filter with a clock function, which TI has released a special assessment system (TSW2000), detailed information can be obtained from the TI.com website. Power Management section TI provides a comprehensive power solutions to Optical concerned, TI has specifically designed for Xilinx and AlteraFPGA power solutions.
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