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Business Enterprise Interaction: Optical purchase real
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Filled with the IT wave, the increase in security monitoring, early transmission equipment can not meet the transport needs. Fiber on the market, and the video has quietly embarked on Optical business arena. Video Optical causes of work Optical transmission with a transfer capacity, distance, attenuation, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., can be combined with existing Fibre Channel network from the general issue of the bandwidth choking rescue, so that enterprise network video surveillance There is no bottleneck control of transmission problems. In fact, the principle is very simple to use Optical, that is, two optical fiber ends into the machine, the optical fiber to send data in the electrical and optical conversion in order to achieve data transmission. So fiber-optic network in the enterprise , The optical transceiver in the end should be how to buy, and what to do according to buy, to buy properties is high and is suitable for their own products? Read on. Optical focus on the business point of view to buy Business enterprise that is now in the purchase of PDH, the first to understand their own what type of fiber, for example, the present multi -mode fiber and optical fiber is divided into single-mode fiber. Multi-mode fiber dispersion because there is a serious, large attenuation, the available bandwidth is narrow, high cost issues, so now the multi-mode fiber is rarely seen again, and if the firm or in the use of multi-mode fiber as the transmission backbone of the words , Then you can not save money on the Optical, need to buy capacity, good performance photoelectric conversion device. The single-mode fiber, it is now the main fiber. Optical transmission for such purchase on the main line of the existing business site can be based on the transmission needs of decision. For example, optical and enterprise networking with business expansion, etc. Problems in the Optical choose to take into account the issue of thirty years in the Optical and expansion of the use. Optical in order to avoid the repeat purchase of problems. Optical divided into two types of analog and digital, but technically can be divided into two kinds of simulated Optical Optical and data. PDH is the result of simulations clearly validate the Chinese New Year promised a very mature product, with such technology Optical technique led various vendor price bidding is the United Front areas. As for the new digital PDH, is the strength of the manufacturers filling Feng Jian. Optical purchase from the need to focus on corporate Optical current market can be described in various types of where many, many choose who will lose themselves. But as long as the direction of the following to be careful of several large purchase, will be able to Amoy to suit their own products. Selected technical attention problems As follows: First, the purchase of PDH, the first thing to consider is whether the manufacturer of the Optical have a good production, but also fed with the aftermath of the operating system to avoid the Optical repair damaged hard problems. Second, the control Optical product brochures, look at the performance indicators. One video bandwidth and video sampling frequency is very important, these two values is larger, then the optical signal transmission in higher fidelity. When Have wide range of natural APL, APL is too narrow if the problem occurs, then the transmission signal in the fiber will be lost or reduced. Third, the Optical must have all kinds of interfaces, in order to prevent the increase of optical equipment and the lack of guidance to the interface to happen and replacement of equipment. For example: high-fidelity audio, asynchronous data, Ethernet, E1, telephone, digital And so on. Fourth, Optical to good heat dissipation and can not burn for some time to appear high temperatures, thus leading to frequent failure rate. Optical indicator must be improved, this will enable enterprises in fiber optic equipment maintenance maintenance Repair can quickly locate the point of failure to quickly resolve problems.
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