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The two core modules of Optical
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Optical technology】 【IT168 has the following two core modules First, the optical module Optical modules that optical transceiver module, optical fiber communication system is an important device. As a photoelectric conversion module converts the optical signal transmitter will signal the optical signal in the receiver will be converted to electrical signals, in Optical signal conversion plays the major role. According to reports, PDH optical modules, with the development of further development, the price of imported light module is almost 5 times higher than domestic prices, in single-channel video optical transceiver module price of light for more than half the total cost , and the current photovoltaic technology in China has been more mature, so more use of domestic manufacturers of domestic brands Optical optical modules. At present, optical module manufacturers mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other regions, where the focus of a number of Allray such as Jiangsu, Shenzhen Star Optoelectronic and other famous manufacturers, for manufacturers to provide excellent quality Optical optical module products. It describes the optical module can be divided into commercial, industrial and military grade three levels, with business-class adaptation of the temperature range 0 degrees to 75 degrees, -45 degrees for the industrial grade to 85 degrees, the highest military level requirements can be to adapt to more extreme environments. Since the optical modules Optical manufacturers choose a different level of performance of all aspects of the product itself will accordingly there is a big difference. In addition to high-quality optical modules with higher compatibility and stability, the expansion of the relatively good, and optical module manufacturer of the module will be optimized to meet different customer needs. Its also said that the current number of optical module manufacturers, some old optical module manufacturers emphasis on Optical Communication class modules, such as SDH, PDH, etc., than a single product demand, and other specialized manufacturers Allray mainly prefer video light client machine, it can be personalized for the customer on request. Many optical module manufacturers, although a unified optical module manufacturers to produce according to international standards IPU, the products from different manufacturers at the same level under a unified platform to achieve the same function, so not much difference in terms of hardware, but because of the quality management , service, market planning, and other software in different products from different manufacturers will lead to differences. Second, the video processing module Video processing module within the CPLD programmable logic chips to play a decisive role in the internal PDH. CPLD is a user according to their need to construct their own digital logic circuits, the basic design method is developed with an integrated software platform, using schematics, hardware description languages and other methods to generate the corresponding object file, by downloading the code sent to the target chip, to achieve design of digital systems. Usually this kind of chip chip manufacturers from the United States (such as Philips) to purchase, then the optical transceiver manufacturers to compile logic programs, because each manufacturer uses different compiled languages, so this is no different Optical Products The main reason to achieve interoperability, but the realization of the function much the same. Vice President Lu Yuqing Minimally Invasive Optical Co., Ltd. Wuhan also said that the chip is where the main technical Optical manufacturers, all manufacturers of products is the color of the place. Optical realization of the program more, such as chip manufacturers in the recommended areas of chip design will be based on the use of different programs, and optical transceiver manufacturers to design will take into account the combined effect of combinations of different options, so the effect is to look good or bad light end of the main when the machine manufacturers in the integration of the selected programs, components of the product itself is not significantly affected.
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