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Panoramic Optical security video getting into the mature stage in 2010
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Optical and types of development Optical surveillance can be said veteran equipment. Before 2000, the first generation of CCTV CCTV monitoring system, in addition to its equipment constitute analog cameras, Quad, video cable, matrix, VCR in addition to including the Optical. Analog Optical transmitter used primarily in analog FM, AM, PM way to baseband video, audio, and data transmission signal modulated to a carrier, the receiver demodulates Optical, restored to the corresponding base with video, audio, and data signals. CCTV system has nothing to do with computers and networks, Optical from the date of birth is a member of the family simulation. In 2001, Analog Optical can not adapt to high-capacity, multi-service transmission requirements, multi-channel crosstalk, easy to decay, easy to aging, poor stability and interchangeability, service problems and other issues are also frequently exposed, Digital Optical begin entering the market, instead of the simulation Optical. Digital Video Optical transmitter and receiver from the two parts. Function of the transmitter is to amplify the analog signal the client, A / D conversion, multiplexing and other processing, through electric - light conversion to electrical signals into optical signals from fiber optic transmission to the receiver. At the receiving end is the opposite treatment, first optical signal into electrical signals, electrical signals by demultiplexing, D / A conversion and amplification and filter to the user. Digital Optical transmission capacity, many types of business to improve the utilization of fiber bandwidth, improve the cost-effective, but also to signal quality to a higher level, by 2007, almost the majority of the market accounted for Optical . Either analog or digital PDH Optical, their role in the transmission are analog signals, with analog signal acquisition equipment for use. In the field of video surveillance, Optical networking can be divided in accordance with point to point, the node type and point type developed by the converged Optical. Digital Optical transmission technology according to two ways of image compression and uncompressed Digital Optical Digital Optical. Among them, the image compression Digital Optical can use existing telecommunications transmission equipment spare channel transmission control images, to bring the convenience of engineering applications. However, its Achilles heel is not guaranteed real-time image transmission, instead of compressed digital optical transceiver is the high data rates can be used to ensure the quality of the video signal transmission and real-time. Optical technology is currently facing the main bottleneck is the capacity and mode of business expansion and application of several parts. Bandwidth of optical fiber can carry is a big business, how to make full use of fiber bandwidth for large capacity, the transmission of more business, all manufacturers are constantly thinking professional. The current optical transmission scheme, in addition to PDH, also includes light matrix, video codec + switches, Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) + video codec, UTN optical transmission network, and other integrated business solutions. Optical variety of different types of application requirements Optical in the field of video surveillance is widely used. Since video surveillance is a complex system engineering, Optical requirements for different environments vary. Roads, highways, rail traffic control is currently concentrated in areas such as toll stations, bridges, tunnels, stations and other key sections of fiber resources more strain on the PDH requirement is that the video capacity, transmission distance, so the general use of the node Optical and transmission-type optical switching platform. In the transmission interface requirements, in addition to large-capacity video ports, often have two-way intercom interfaces such as support AIPHONE intercom, telephone interface and automation of office to meet 10/100M Ethernet interface. In these applications, customers on product quality, brand, service requirements are relatively high. "Green City" and other video surveillance mainly for Park, vital parts, public places, such as financial and business premises, these applications has different requirements for PDH, which in function to the video-based, supplemented by reverse control Data Interface Control camera PTZ and alarm switch interfaces, and some have audio monitoring requirements. In these areas, point-type Optical once been a very wide range of applications, the formation of a mature networking. But the only point-type optical transceiver that work on that in the "Green City" and other projects in the transport network can only be composed of a star, that is, each control point monitoring signal to be transmitted through the independent Fiber to the jurisdiction of police station , the larger the project, the more resources occupied by the optical fiber, a waste fiber. This part of the price sensitive customers. Some manufacturers of optical fiber for the waste problem, as the "Green City" project developed a new type of active converged Optical, Optical network structure of the species is divided into two parts, the front part of the star network convergence, after end of the chain-type network, work by a number of front-end device sends the signal to the pool each side, and then through a core optical fiber transmission to the monitoring center back, the trunk can be saved in this way the optical fiber. At present, the point-Optical has introduced a long time, manufacturers use the technology upgrades to improve reliability and performance parameters. Multi-service network-based Optical Switching Platform R & D capabilities in recent years, major manufacturers of strong products, compared to the traditional role of Optical only as a transmission channel, features a wider platform products, including video transmission, switching and management and storage function. Optical-based EPON technology is now also beginning to receive attention manufacturer of this product for large-capacity front-end video access can provide low-cost, reliable solution. Five Characteristics of Optical Industry After a decade of rapid development, Optical industry undergoing tremendous change in pattern. According to a press survey, Optical industry, the following characteristics. Product sales are still improving Companies participating in the survey indicated sales of Optical 2010 is still growth, sales of the companies surveyed, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 20% to 100%. However, some companies also shows that many enterprises Optical product sales in the degree of decline in the proportion. Price level began to decline Respondents have said that despite the current market size is large, but the Optical technology itself is very mature, there are too many technical barriers to new entrants to the industry many companies, the level of good and bad, so overall prices showed steady Optical the trend in falling to the industry as a whole, the product of the profit will be lower. Currently, the price of the Optical applications, product quality, brand, service differences, quite different. On the highway, petroleum, petrochemical and other industrial video surveillance, because of the quality of products, brands, services are higher, and can enter the manufacturers are not many, so prices are relatively high; and security monitoring applications, then prices more sensitive. Optical products to 1V1D example, the price may reach areas on the highway more than 1,000 yuan, and security applications will be as low as 500 yuan, or even the Pacific Security Market in Shenzhen, there are about 200 yuan. Products of varying quality, price confusion Increased competition within the industry, but mainly concentrated in the low-end small workshops, leading to uneven product quality, price confusion. Liu Di's school in Chengdu, general manager of micro laments, Optical industry, low threshold, one or two from the big companies will be able to leave the design and development staff to set up a business, the prevalence of counterfeit products in the industry, so that manufacturers adhere to the mainstream image of the product quality be affected. Frog as a product manager for Feng Xiaowei communication also believe that to video PDH itself, getting lower and lower technical threshold, will inevitably lead to a massive influx of low-end brand-name products, to the mainstream manufacturers have had a great impact. He said, "only to enhance the product features and services to allow users to realize the value of difference between the active control of the market." Albert's Li Tianyou world that the Optical market in the next two years once a major reshuffle . Although small plants because of low prices, but the manufacturer's quality system, production system, after-sales service system are small plants difficult to achieve. Competitive alternatives beginning to show The development of IP surveillance Optical topic of the future market impact has been a hot topic in the industry. Beijing Light Bridge Zhang Naixian said: "There is no doubt that with the acceleration of IP video security monitoring system in the entire Optical proportion is shrinking." Shenzhen nandrolone Zhou Shuai, agrees, but considers that although the scaled down, but the total is still increasing. Feng Xiaowei frog as the communication that the acceleration of IP, on the Optical market is still not much impact, because the market capacity is expanding, while the current development of IP technology in image quality has not fully meet customer needs, market demand for non-compressed video is still very large. Digital is a trend, but the non-compressed to compress the process of transformation should also be maintained for several years. For this problem, Chengdu, although micro-Di Liu learn that the popularity of IP surveillance Optical possible future direction would die, but also pointed out, IP monitor the presence of some technical issues such as bandwidth limitations caused by the transmission speed instability, and Optical compression and transmission technology to improve the future may lead to the integration rather than competition between the two directions. Albert's Li Tianyou world that will not affect the development of IP-based Optical Fiber Transmission of the market, on the contrary there will be further enhancing this market space, because the transmission advantage of Optical IP transmission can not be replaced. Video clear, full real-time transmission, control flow, these are the IP transfer without delay the current technology can not achieve. Hikvision product line director, Lu Aiming also do not think that will be scouring the video light moss -. end because the current front-end network equipment, a variety of reasons, in the short term will not completely replace analog products; Secondly, the analog video program with a mature and economic advantages, particularly in small and medium for monitoring the project; In addition, the project built in with the maintenance, expansion, fiber optic transmission scheme adopted early is quite easy. Increasing demands of consumers The existence of the industry's consumers, the state of polarization. Consumers more concerned about the price of a part of heaven and earth product manager Albert Li Tianyou said that the current market, a large part of Optical customer functions under the premise of meeting the most concerned about is price, then is the quality, service and other factors. Meanwhile, another part of the customer is primarily concerned with product quality. Theory of micro-Di Liu, Chengdu, petroleum, petrochemical areas of very high quality requirements of the node-type optical transceiver, the user not only hope in this field Optical equipment used for video, audio, intercom, telephone, Ethernet a more good integration, but also for the stability of each type of signal transmission has a very high demand. Conclusion Optical has matured, at least in the last three years, it is our business "cash cow." Mature product, market the surface of flowers, secretly surging rapids. Optical mainstream as manufacturers continue to develop on the development effort in the Optical or Optical products are no longer over-investment in R & D, are their own choice. However, the field of Optical, as veteran video surveillance equipment, who has the popularity and development of video surveillance have made indelible contributions.
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