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Video light carries the representative application of machine
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One, product introduction:
Chance of end of light of RUN-VAD1000-16V set number uses the video of total number word with the most advanced international to not have compress transmission technology, the video of high quality transmits the effect. Can be in fiber-optic on transmit 16 one-way video to add 1~8 way two-way data adds 1~8 way two-way frequency increases net of 1 fast aether. Can support any tall defend oneself the high quality of the static state of rate and dynamic image is transmitted, RUN-VAD1000-16V series is the Sunday run video that Gao Ke relies on gender, tall sex to transmit quality valence comparing, high transmits a system.
2, item characteristics
Video of word of ● total number is not had compress transmission technology, can achieve very good video to transmit character
● supports relay of video nondestructive second birth
● supports the video signal of any high resolution
● carries the interference making shift of machine without imitate light
● compatible PAL, NTSC, SECAM makes type
● SMT surface sticks outfit technology
● broadcast class transmits character
Video of ● 10Bit number codes
The function of automatic gain control with advanced ● (AGC)
Port of the allest data all has ● the design that prevent thunder
● is advanced get used to a technology oneself, when using, need not undertake electric optics adjusts
Index of 1, video
● video interface 16
BNC of type of ● video interface
● video is inputted / output impedance 75 Ω (blame balance)
● video is inputted / 1.0V of peak value of output voltage model, maximum 1.5V
● video takes wide 8MHz
<1% of ● differential gain (typical cost)
● differential is phasic <1 ° (typical cost)
● letter a confusion of voices is compared (increase advantageous position) > 62dB
Index of 2, data
Road of 1~8 of ● data interface two-way
Terminal of wiring of standard of industry of   of   of   of   of   of   of type of ● data interface
● data interface believes RS-232 of   of   of   of   of date     , RS-485, RS-422, graceful code
● piles up rate 0~256Kbps
● piles up rate <10-9 by accident
Index of 3, frequency
Road of 1~8 of ● frequency interface two-way
● frequency input outputs terminal of wiring of impedance industry standard
● frequency input outputs n 0dBm(model to be worth)
● frequency answers 10Hz~20KHz
● sound frequency piles up a wide 24Bit
Index of net of 4, aether
● network interface interface of RJ-45 of a screen
● supports consultative IEEE802.3u 10/100Base-TX
Full duplex operation of ● work way / half duplex operation
<23Bit is delayed when ●
● piles up rate <10-9 by accident
Index of 5, other
● mean time between failure (MTBF) >10 10 thousand hours
● job temperature - 20~70 ℃
● stores temperature - 40~85 ℃
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