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Light of the V35 that stride general carries machine application plan
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At present the main force of each big operation business transmits a network already infrastructure is finished, more construction are centered in dimensions huge extreme business is outspread on. Not only the telecommunication of business of firm network operation that is a tradition, net is connected, iron is connected, still be main attack the shift of wireless business, UniCom, outspread to optical network optical equipment is having huge demand. For example: Mobile, UniCom needs site of inferior to its postal service hall to undertake unity administrative, and the area side Xiang Jizhou or unit offer Internet bar, word when serving with data business, can pass in base the station uses much professional work of MP9400F of collect Chinese style to receive platform, client end uses chance of FT160 light end to be able to provide the professional work such as net of 2M, aether, V.35 directly.

The smooth end chance of the FT160B series that the company that stride general offers is designed with what its stabilize, simple use can provide the solution that sexual price compares most for what the extreme business of operation business offers. The FT160B that stride general supports all sorts of rich port, can have supported E1 at present, v35, aether 3 kinds of interface.

Rely on the data network that strides general 10 years to build experience, the smooth end plane that steps general to think to offer V35 port can reduce terminal facilities segment, the road of join of smooth end chance of traditional interface giving E1 by implement still need to pass consultative converter to be E1 interface changeover V35 interface when mouth of wide area newwork, not only installation cost is high, and trouble spot is much, installation is trival, the smooth end chance that because this is traditional,gives E1 interface only will be carried by the light that can provide V35 interface directly slowly machine place is replaced. The occurrence just of the FT160B that strides general satisfied this kind user requirement.

Plan sketch map:

Plan characteristic: It is OK that in optical network outspread extreme uses the FT160B that strides general road of direct link site by implement, the center is used offer 155MCPOS way by implement undertake collecting receiving, completely fiber-optic network, network develop attacks simple, breakdown place is little, fault rate is low, network performance is high. The FT160B that stride general carries function to provide perfect centralized management software quite solely, can provide rich administrative function. This plan can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of type users, provided an application for operation business extensive, safeguard simple solution.

The smooth end chance of the FT160B that strides general company at present has been in each big operation business got the throughout the country extensive use, the accord that got an user reputably.
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