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PDH light carries machine application plan
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Chance of end of JS-PDH series light is telegraphic net endmost to transmit the light that reachs special network interior solely offerred complete solution. Can help fine of user benefit consumed transmit build telegraphic end termination to be mixed into the net special transmission net.

It is below through 2 PDH light upright machine realizes the legend with G.703/E1 outspread interface:

Light of the PDH in the graph carries machine action to be as follows:

Chance of end of ² PDH light offers 4-16 way G.703/E1 port, additional optional 2 V.35 or port of 2/4 road RS232;

What chance of end of ² PDH light regards the G.703 of SDH equipment as port is outspread;

² PDH light carries the G.703/E1 port of machine but the E1 port interconnection with PCM, the Fxs port that realizes PBX thereby is outspread;

Interface of ² standard RS232 can join data gathers facility, will relevant number sends to central computer room to wait for the long-range environment monitoring of the industry in order to realize pair of electric power, telecommunication as it is said;

The G.703 port of chance of end of ² PDH light can reach a road with V.35 agreement converter by implement join, realize 2 stature net interconnection;

² PDH light carries the G.703 port of machine to be able to join with aether net bridge, realize 2 nets paragraph interconnection or Internet are received;

The G.703 port of chance of end of ² PDH light can join the fiber-optic Modem that has G.703 interface or copper cash SDSL Modem, those who realize G.703 interface is again outspread.

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