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The applied domain in video monitoring analyses chance of video light end
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Monitoring of urban road transportation applies

Monitoring of urban road transportation is the earliest application carries one of territories of machine solely, also be dosage of smooth end chance large family. The feature of sth resembling a net of its light fibre web is node numerous, show star network structure. Also namely every traffic road junction has independent and fiber-optic link to reach accusation center. Ask to go up in application, answer besides what have video picture to monitoring dot outside passing a requirement, the data of police of the couplet net control that still involves plane of control of machine of high speed ball, signal, electron is answered pass, the electron is revulsive discharge of the control of indication screen, real time detects of data time pass etc, some places still ask to have two-way frequency function. Because this is when chance of choice smooth end, besides asking to offer video channel, still should offer 2 ~ passageway of data of 3 two-way RS232/485 and 1 frequency passageway. Should the data interface rate that of special attention is requirement of electronic police equipment is higher and higher, arrive from 38.4K 115.2K, even some requirements join through interface of 10/100M aether net. Also carried machine data port to raise taller technical requirement to light so. Because center of additional explicit accusation has the receiver that a large number of need place, accord with a standard the high density of 19 inches of frame is installed child wearing must be configured.

Monitoring of advanced course highway applies

Monitoring of advanced course highway is collecting fees centrally at present the crucial a section of a highway such as station and bridge, channel. Its are apparent the feature is video capacity big, distance is structure of far, catenary network, fiber-optic resource is more nervous. In side of transmission interface demand, outside dividing port of high capacity video, often have two-way the interface of 10/100M aether net of the interface that tells to if support AIPHONE to be opposite,be being told, phone interface and contented automation office. Below this kind of circumstance, light of average use number carries machine thick wave cent answer comes with CWDM technology group net. At present digital blame compresses light to carry machine Chan Duan the capacity of the biggest video of odd wavelengh equipment has 16 only (2.5Gb rate) , after using CWDM technology, 8 wave can be satisfied transmitting to 128 video, plus retrorse application 1310nm wavelengh can form a complete high capacity fiber-optic transmission system. What need points out is, so complex system need and manufacturer relapse argumentation, consideration will decide, not affirmatory problem still should ask environment of manufacturer imitate project, build experimental platform to prove.

Traditional ability prevents monitoring application

Ability prevents monitoring to basically be aimed at garden area, crucial point place, public, finance and business place, these apply a domain to differ again to carrying the requirement of machine solely, they are given priority to with video on the function, again complementary control camera lens cloud with controlling data interface reversely stage and call the police switch measures interface can, some still has the demand that frequency monitors. Because these applied fields are right the price is extremely sensitive, reason chooses the imitate of only way video with inferior value to carry machine or sexual price to compare tall 4 video light solely commonly upright machine. Because general smooth end aircraft does not support the transmission of switch quantity, some manufacturers designed switch technically to measure patulous interface to support this one application again. The frequency interface of smooth end chance is circuit n commonly, namely voltage small signal. Ability of amplifier of frequency of the place before input end must be received receives microphone, output end must receive frequency result to put ability to drive sound box, the from beginning to end that smooth end chance should note when having listening demand accordingly is configured. As a result of,returning those who need an attention is general low end imitate light carries machine product to configure 1 RS485 only on data passageway retrorse data, and the top rate that supports 19.2Kb only commonly (lower even) , should come up against a few can with standard RS485 means of half duplex operation operates aircraft of ball of the matrix clavier that accuse, high speed (also be two lines control, extremely easy promiscuous) , and the Manchester that uses 19.2Kb codes namely when graceful code, will not work normally.
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