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Light carries the machine application in long-range supervisory system
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As economic development, what long-range monitoring applies in CCTV system is more and more extensive, alleged and long-range monitoring realizes this locality control to far supervisory system and image surveillance namely. To make sure signal of video, speech, data is transmitted remotely correctly, reliably, fiber-optic transmit the first selection that makes people, the application of smooth end chance in long-range monitoring is then wide with each passing day.

The closed-circuit television supervisory system that Sichuan saves some post and telecommunications office to install basically chooses American NTK (Luotaike) the AD monitoring product of limited company, long-range monitoring part of the system uses American NTK (Luotaike) the smooth end chance of company NTK brand.

This post and telecommunications office asks closed-circuit television supervisory system includes two shares: The business hall of post-office office building, and far two mail that are in 11 kilometers and 7 kilometers place store dot. The system should have monitoring, record to passageway, counter, call the police, should finish far to two end to mail at the same time store the surveillance of the dot and alarm signal are answered.
The requirement according to owner and scene are specific circumstance, this supervisory system can reach old bureau on the west the post-office office building that 4 video of two savings bank and two alarm signal pass the city to build, implementation is controlled remotely and call the police linkage. Transmit remotely reliably to realize video and alarm signal, NTK of 4 United States was chosen between two savings bank and building of office of post and telecommunications (Luotaike) the smooth end chance of the company undertakes long-range image signal transmit. Yu An installs pee of bulk of chance of this kind of smooth end, can adjust video compensation, make although image is passed remote transmit also can clear, convey continuously monitoring room. Between two ground call the police a when linkage offers through post office special line conveys the alarm signal modulation of the spot to call the police to line lead plane is automatic v calls the police image, line calls the police once linkage device calls the police, but automatic open lamplight and the linkage that alarm bell implements a system.

The reliable monitoring that waits for important place to realize the hall of building of post and telecommunications, business room, exchequer, special designed two portable point of observation to scan back and forth, block passageway; Dot of monitoring of postal service hall can observe the cash discrepancy condition of deposit ark continuously, successive kinescope, produce dispute or accident circumstance to be able to call picture of real time kinescope at any time; Considering nightly guard against theft, the passageway with be in every important if hall of the hall, vestibular, savings bank and exchequer gate designed head of newspaper police officer and lamplight plant, once somewhere calls the police, call lamplight of image, automatic open, automatic kinescope automatically to achieve the linkage that call the police.
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