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Digital light carries machine application plan
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As the development of monitoring technology, while through existing local area network subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is having data news report, also transmit video and alarm signal in the network achieve new-style digital monitoring, also lay next very good foundations for in the future long-range monitoring.

•Brief introduction of system of network of monitoring of IPV long-range number

System of network of monitoring of IPV long-range number is it is core, union with the computer the system of lead plane of a kind of monitoring of long-range number technology, computer network technology. It has a function besides the place that has supervisory system of traditional closed-circuit television outside, still have the updated function that has use value more, be in especially remote monitoring respect, system of network of monitoring of IPV long-range number has clinking advantage, among them a lot of functions are supervisory system of traditional closed-circuit television of essential short of.

System of network of monitoring of IPV long-range number can release monitoring information from monitoring center, on the computer that makes through computer network its can reach a top of a table, be together with confluence of information management system thereby, better serve for management, improve level of management and efficiency.

2, representative application of supervisory system of IPV long-range number

Supervisory system of IPV long-range number can apply effectively at the bank, electric power, traffic, oil, water and electricity, education, post and telecommunications, the system such as public security and martial base, guesthouse, storehouse among the network supervisory system that wait,


The light of IPV-NT set number that this 1, plan basically uses IPV firm is carried machine.

•Chance of end of light of IPV set number uses total number word to not have compress the digital video with technology and the most advanced international and freeboard fast fiber-optic high speed transmits a technology, can wait for net of multichannel video and multichannel frequency, data, aether, phone signal not to have lack fidelity, high quality to transmit at the same time on Chan Xin or Shuang Xinguang fine, can save cost of user installation cost greatly, raise cable utilization rate. This equipment is the product that has video of sound of number of high quality trends to handle transmission function, this product uses technology of advanced digital video technology, news report of high speed network and intelligence to identify a technology, realize function of monitoring of video of this locality, long-range sound.

•Chance of end of light of IPV set number has performance/price ratio because of its tall, dynamic limits wide, volume is minor, use convenient, can get used to the characteristic such as a variety of complex environments, the digitlization in according with current multimedia domain, network and intelligence turn 3 big tides, have tall stability, tall compositive spent characteristic, OK and extensive in a lot of domain such as custom, medical treatment, traffic, finance, public security, education, national defence, electric power, oil and communication applying.
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