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MPLS receives the application into the net in the 3G that is based on SDH
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Use as the business of 3G, it is mature that the 3G network that is based on R99R4 version already tended increasingly, transmit bear the weight of use also be ATM technology, but begin from R5, transmission platform will use IP technology, the deferent network that is based on ATM also will move toward entire network IP surely, as a result of ATM oneself a few confine, the high speed that cannot get used to Internet develops, but the join that the open sex of IP makes very difficult implementation carries people, and the transmission that speech data wraps also is put in a lot of problems, join ATM and IP network consequently the 2 original intention that be is people. MPLS combines ATM and IP well rise, accomplished face be controlled without connective and face connective transmit, controlled well discharge and assured QoS.

One, the application that the 3G of ATM transmits network structure analysis and MPLS technology

The typical network model of WCDMA is mixed by RAN two parts of CN are comprised. Include 3 fields to transmitting the problem that need solves for the network, it is core net inside each net yuan interrelate, the 2 business that are RNC and core net are transmitted, 3 it is RNC bears the weight of to the business between NodeB. Actual in 3G transmission net basically is divided to receive a layer, gather together layer and backbone layer. Wire mould formula is established in 3G in, normally installation is in RNC and core network equipment in central node, can plan RNC when transmission group net backbone layer, then backbone layer assumes core net net yuan the transmission of the join between and RNC and core net. And the brim that NodeB is in a network, the amount is huge and be in dispersedly urban and rural everywhere, with the business between RNC join must transmit a net through city land with certain boundaries (of transmission net receive layer and gather together layer) will finish, transmit in real business in, base station equipment is all and direct it is not actual that by light of city land with certain boundaries deferent net is undertaken enclothing, also adopt a variety of means to solve receive an issue. Because this 3G transmits the problem of the net,be 3G operation business essentially how to transmit the data of Node B side safely, efficiently to RNC side.

2. Be based on the network structure of ATM technology

The 3G that in mature adoption the SDH of ATM technology transmits a net accepts a web in, normally plan is NodeB to RNC receive will enter a layer through receiving, gather together of layer and backbone layer turn receive, receiving a layer, be in bigger the numerous NodeB that covers range can pass HUB Node B or pass 2M or Nx2M fully by SDH directly enter recent gather together of the layer transmit receive a point, gathering together the STM-1 of a huge amount is passed but statistic of deferent platform of MSTP VC-ring of compatible TDM business answer use into to the marrow to do transmission node, send RNC finally, among them, node B can use ATM STM-1 interface or IMA interface, RNC uses ATM STM- interface or channel changes STM-1 interface, in addition, gather together the transmission equipment of layer and backbone layer also has ATM and IMA processing and commutative function.
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