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The new technology that SDH network uses (go up)
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As telegraphic market improve stage by stage, the sundry telegraphic new business that emerge in endlessly bears the weight of to serving as business the optical deferent network of the net (OTN) raised a lot of new requirements, the efficiency that operation business is paid attention to morely also and considers construction of optical deferent network and operation closes cost with put together, pay close attention to the network function of optical deferent network more. In addition, the application of DWDM also rose to transmit bandwidth greatly, POS (PacketOverSDH/SONET) the technology alleviated again the restriction that TDM system includes rate to IP; The number that suggests about OTN G.709 encloses a technology to will offer intelligence very quickly to change much wavelengh network. By network business IP is changed and trends is changed, and business bears the weight of shirt-sleevely this technology shake-up that platform causes jointly, drive operation business to must optimize its SDH network, use new technology, in order to get used to the application of all sorts of new business; These new technologies are VC empty cascade (VCAT) , the current rules that become 幀 (GFP) , dynamic link capacity adjusts a mechanism (LCAS) with flexibility in group annulus (RPR) etc. Its are main the purpose makes SDH transmits a system to agree with namely transmit include data business inside VoIP, a variety of business such as IPTV and multimedia, make the interface of SDH net and stipulations of an agreement have flexibility, those who realize bandwidth is effective use, make at the same time SDH network easily intelligence is changed.

1. The current rules that become 幀

This is a kind of user iformation flow the high level comfortable match deferent network, for example the current mechanism of SDH/SONET network, to IP/PPP, fiberChannel, the data business such as aether net, before be transmitted through SDH network asynchronous, break out the business that grows with alterable 幀 to undertake comfortable match; Namely it is ground floor data encloses a mechanism, also be a kind of efficient and agile map method; Use inside net of city land with certain boundaries and wide area newwork to transmit the data of a variety of stipulations of an agreement mostly. GFP (GFP of abbreviation of Generic Framing Procedure) the advantage depends on it can be being offerred stronger detect and error correction ability, can offer enclose the bandwidth efficiency with higher fashion than the tradition. Such, transmit platform as much professional work (MSTP) SDH network is OK GFP is a foundation, the each other that realizes way of different manufacturer map is connected, offer namely connect to the each other of business from the network, promote a network efficiency and simplify network management, raise the economic benefits of the network thereby. What GFP shows to already became business of network of each manufacturer aether to handle is exclusive enclose a standard. ITU—T G.7041 defined the program of GFP. Have the GFP 幀 structure of two kinds of types or map method at present:
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