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The radar data broadband that is based on SDH technology transmits a technology
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Summary: Radar data includes control of monitoring of status of echo, job, radar and one's voice in speech 4 kinds, how to undertake to this efficient transmitting is the problem that must solve in process of radar group net. The article put forward to be based on series of SDH(synchronous number) the plan that broadband of data of radar of transmission technology implementation transmits, the SDH network develop that gave out to realize radar data to transmit attacks the data passageway of structure and empty cascade distributes program.

One, foreword

The early-warning exploration information of radar is battlefield the main news source in comprehensive information system, how to have this news efficient and without injury the ground is transmitted, in order to reduce the effect of pair of faint signal exploration probability, it is the problem that must solve in process of radar group net. Traditional radar message transmits means to comprehensive information is transmitted transmit two kinds with image. Former the comprehensive information that those who transmit is course processing, data bulk is lesser, transmission rate demand is not high, with wired or shortwave is wireless channel undertakes transmission, use at the radar station to be transmitted to the radar information of command post normally. Latter is cent of system of a radar the target to get with information processing two parts, the target gets a share is the station that nobody or little person value guard normally, use image to transmit radar video image equipment to information processing part, the processing to target information and sentence read finish in information processing part, this kind of means can raise the battlefield viability of radar, can reduce the casualties of personnel greatly especially. Information of state of the target video that the target gets partial place to obtain, radar and the control information to the front of radar must be transmitted in real time, but show stage picture to transmit equipment to use the kind that caustic is compressed to undertake compression handling to radar video, transmit with standard E1 format, its inevitable defect is the loss that caustic compresses pair of radar video signal bigger, cause leakage to nod from this likely even the miscarriage of justice of the target, especially the object is invisible the impact that the small signal target such as plane and cruise missile explores is bigger, at the same time this kind of transmission means can realize the transmission with bit righter place only. To improve radar the transmission quality of signal of video of radar of signal blame meantime, make inside particular area radar can form a network at the same time, the article discussed a kind of radar signal that is based on SDH broadband to transmit a technology to transmit plan, can reduce the transmission loss of video signal greatly, radar can be comprised to explore a net inside particular area, those who be the processing of information processing part to information and target sentence read, increase the exploration probability of pair of small signal targets. 
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