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New-style SDH much professional work receives platform TOPAccess
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1. SDH is mixed to network brim transition of shirt-sleeve platform of much professional work

SDH is the main and deferent system of current and telegraphic net, as the occurrence of WDM and development, SDH is being transferred to network brim. In the process that SDH begins to become a network to the brim is transmitted and receive main body facility, receive a measure for a variety of broadband professional work that a large number of contented introducing and broadband, and the diversification of the difference of demand of the accepts a technology diversity that network brim place uses, user and network structure (or changeful sex) , make SDH is transmission net and the platform of much professional work that receive net unifinication from change of pure transmission net, namely to network brim and the transition of platform of much professional work to confluence. Because all sorts of network business need a transmission network that has high reliability to undertake bearing the weight of,this is, and SDH network restores with its powerful protection ability and fixed when ductility can be everybody what to be familiar with and trust, try to be transformed appropriately to its, in order to reduce cost of network installation cost, simplify the deploy of network business and management, get used to many business application, form business layer and the SDH node that transmit an unifinication, become node of shirt-sleeve much professional work or platform of much professional work, had made way of a kind of development, platform of this kind of SDH basically is located in network brim surely.

Platform of SDH much professional work applies at network brim, have the business node that reduces a large number of independence and deferent node facility, simplify the advantage of node structure, can reduce installation cost scope substantially thereby, save computer room space, decrease maintain a volume, reduce power comsumption, the operation that reduces network operation trade then and maintain cost. Be in compositive after relay of aether net, frame or ATM, the SDH platform that provides much professional work to receive ability returns can agile apace to finish operation trade bureau to carry a variety of new old business of the client side to be received, business of help network operation increases business income, enhance market competition ability.

2. Fiber-optic receive the market to call much professional work of low cost SDH to receive platform

The SDH/MSTP technology propulsion to network brim and permeate already became fiber-optic the development trend that accepts the market. Because SDH/MSTP technology overcame PDH equipment light,interface does not have uniform rate standard, receive layer PDH light upright machine and gather together the network can pass a SDH/MSTP only the physical interface such as E1 realizes “ back to carry ” connective defect on the back, the investment that saved cable and DDF layout to wear rises then receive dependability. Receive in much professional work used SDH technology to still be solved thoroughly into equipment use PDH light formerly to carry opportunity block to break gather together layer and receive the problem that the organic connection that go up manages in the net between the layer, make the implementation that centers monitoring and resource to be allocated neatly easy as my eyes. Now, what business of a few telegraphic operation has begun to restrict PDH system to go up in telegraphic network is large-scale use. What telegraphic operation business seeks is a kind of new technology measure or solution, can have smooth interface level already net of unified, group the advantage with convenient dimension of agile, carry, can accomplish low cost again, use quick and convenient, efficient. Accordingly, this kind of new-style much professional work receives the basic function that has SDH into transmission system, have a variety of business receive ability, those who support data professional work is transparent transmit, offer a dot to gather together to dotty business to dot and dot function, have number to be transmitted according to optimizing not only upgrade ability, the bandwidth that provides professional work runs ability, and those who have a variety of business each other to connect is flowing upgrade ability. Because network brim receives a portfolio,small, transmission node distributings wide, amount is much, very sensitive to equipment price, requirement facility low cost, tall environment gets used to ability, can support complex set net, the new-style SDH much professional work with price and consequently adjacent PDH receives equipment to become fine of current low Duan Guang to receive the market most suffer expect and gay product.
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