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Analytic light carries the configuration of machine
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Smooth end chance just as its name implies is the terminal unit that smooth signal transmits. As a result of current and fiber-optic depreciate considerably reach its to be in of each domains wide model application, the use amount of smooth end chance is larger and larger, each smooth end chance produces manufacturer to also appear in succession like emerge. But because of among them one part technology is returned in market of smooth end machine very the hour is more mature already, develop new technology to need to expend a large number of manpower, material resources again, so smooth end chance produces manufacturer to be given priority to with medium and small businesses more, all sorts of brands emerge in endlessly, but quality is widely divergent however. The smooth end chance of a few well-known trademarks of foreign (like IFS, Fiber Options, Optelecom) with its good performance enters Chinese market, become a few big purposes to appoint a brand, dan Jiang's expensive price lets a few users cannot be accepted, the home begins the manufacturer of smooth end aircraft that leaves a few influential power of domestic in this kind of environment to change the product to manufacturing number light upright machine, in an attempt to is not defeated by foreign brand on function, the price can let an user accept again. These domestic companies from oneself proceed with, the practice that grabs from character makes market of smooth end machine normative with each passing day, also let compatriots have a new knowledge to card of home made product anew.

Be in long-range and fiber-optic in transmitting, cable is very small to the transmission influence of signal, the transmission quality of fiber-optic transmission system basically depends on the quality of smooth end chance, because smooth end chance is in charge of photoelectricity changeover and light blast off and be being received solely, its actor bad affects whole system directly, the user that need numerous new user so or has intention to this carries the function of machine and application to understand somewhat to light, ability is configured better and undertake purchasing.

Light carries the applied classification of machine

By application the domain carries aircraft equipment to have the following kinds solely currently:

1.Chance of monitoring consumed end: Use transmission video signal (what output like common camera is video signal) , can assist data of transmission frequency, control, switch to measure signal and aether net signal at the same time, how is main application prevented at traffic of freeway, city, community and each domains that need monitoring;

2.Chance of end of wide report consumed: Use signal of transmission radio frequency, its carry machine blame dot to be transmitted to the dot, it becomes branch directly in smooth road, can be opposite by a catapult many receiver, the light that basically uses in cable television transmits a domain;

3.Telecommunication uses smooth end machine: Every main thoroughfare is its end chance 2M, common calls 2M upright machine, every 2M passageway can transmit 30 telephone calls or transmit the network signal of 2M bandwidth, it just secures the passage of bandwidth, the equipment of form a complete set that utility basically depends on and smooth end chance is linked together, the agreement that its support is G.703 agreement, the field of telegraphic glossy news report that basically uses at securing bandwidth.
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