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Be based on the management of distributed SDH network of package model
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1 foreword

Our country's existing optical transmission system is in whole quite large proportion is held in transmission net, from transmit the angle that make type to tell, SDH transmission system is the mainstream of national artery, PDH transmission system is in provincial artery and this locality net own larger share. Equipment much manufacturer, interface skimble-scamble, net yuan class management system (EMS) functional difference is bigger, brought huge difficulty to transmitting the operation of the net to safeguard. The net of network layer SDH with unified construction provides platform (NMS) alleviated on certain level this kind of circumstance.

However at present, as new technology, new business introduce ceaselessly, the complexity of transmission net increases increasingly, dimensions also is expanding quickly. The occurrence of new case, ask we are in charge of a system to undertake thinking over to traditional net, we need to be examined afresh have the SDH net canal that move to whether be had good but expansibility, support agile business expansion; Whether to have enough dependability and usability (Robusticity&Availabality) , in order to get used to the change of the network.

2 TMN and SDH net provide relative standard introduction

ITU-T is in relevant proposal [the level of telegraphic network management that raises in 1] is TMN, its are basic the concept is to build an independence to manage at the network and be safeguarded at the full-time of telegraphic operation net (OAM) network, change in order to solve dimensions of incisive with each passing day professional work, network to manage the contradiction between with traditional and telegraphic net.

When using TMN frame design and program telecommunication net to provide a system, basically consider 3 structures of TMN standard, namely functional structure, information structure and physical structure [2] .

TMN function structure defined a series of functions piece, each other use data communication function (DCF) alternant government information, the reference point that passes standardization is separated. A functional piece is farther by a certain number of functional component, namely the composition of main structural member of TMN, in order to realize its specific management function.

The structure uses the information of TMN to describe the type that administrative information exchanges between functional piece and commutative way, basically be based on OO method, drew lessons from the general principle that OSI system manages. That is to say, manage to TMN inside the country resource, use OO method to build model and controller / the constituent mechanism of succedaneum exchanges information. Manage neatly to facilitate, TMN is used statified the notional implementation of the model governs a function, from go up to below ordinal be, office management layer, business government layer, network management layer, net yuan administrative layer and network unit layer.
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