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Establish light of optical network number to carry machine principle and product
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Current society, fiber-optic communication already made one of main instruments of communication. In the meantime, fiber-optic communication technology also is developing at full speed, make fiber-optic transmission system with its numerous advantage, gained everybody's favour. Fiber-optic transmission system has the following and distinct advantage: Capacity big, transmission distance is far, interference rejection capability is strong wait. Optical transmission system divides composition by 3: Illuminant (smooth transmitter) , transmission medium, detector (smooth receiver) . Among them You Guangduan machine completes the work of illuminant and detector. Smooth end chance is many E1 (the data of a kind of trunk line roads transmits a standard, normally rate is 2.048Mbps, this standard is used for China and Europe) the equipment that signal becomes smooth signal and transmits (its action basically realizes report namely - Guang Heguang - report is changed) . How many what carry machine basis to transmit E1 mouth amount solely, the price is different also. General the least smooth end chance can transmit 4 E1, at present the greatest smooth end opportunity can transmit 4032 E1.

As a result of fiber-optic a variety of transmission advantages, the circumstance that carries machine application solely is very extensive. Can apply between enterprise interior branch for example Sunday run local area network the data between subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy corresponds, in mobile network wireless base the system is transmitted between the station, road of far end line is unit in communal exchange telephone network, special railway line and PABX are offerred in commercial net group the network terminal of the road, the dot in campus net is mixed to dot link in accepting a web, use at normally signal is transmitted etc. At present smooth end chance applies most respect is Sunday run video and data to transmit. The monitoring domain that waits in freeway, bank, electric power, telecommunication asks to undertake long-range transmission to video signal, at present main means of settlement is benefit consumed end signal of number of translate into of signal of machine general video is passed fiber-optic undertake transmission. Chance of in addition smooth end has the land of very capacious use force in a lot of domain such as long-range video conference, long-range education, long-range medical treatment, communication, smooth end chance of future will side with the direction of digitlization, network to develop.

Chance of smooth end of chance of imitate light end and number

Chance of imitate light end

Chance of imitate light end used PFM modulation technology to transmit picture signal in real time, it is to use a more kind at present. After emissive end undertakes imitate video signal PFM modulation first (have frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation commonly a few kinds of means, distribute machine of imitate light end into frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation to wait for chance of a few kinds of smooth end thereby) , have report again - smooth transition, after smooth signal passes sink, have light - electric changeover, undertake PFM demodulation next, restore to give video signal. Because used PFM modulation technology, its transmit a distance to be able to achieve 30 Km left and right sides very easily, the transmission distance of some products can achieve 60 Km, even about a hundred kilometer. And, after picture signal course is transmitted lack fidelity very small, have very tall letter a confusion of voices very smaller than mixing nonlinear lack fidelity. Use a technology through using a cent answer, still can be in fiber-optic on those who realize image and data signal is two-way transmit.
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