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Light carries the type selecting of machine
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The function of smooth end chance is very powerful, the signal type that can transmit special also, because this is below different situation, also can want to select the smooth end engine of different type. When the choice carries the type of machine solely, we should consider the following:
1. Be based on why to plant fiber-optic network of the system?
If be,undertake on original network enlarge is allowed, still had better choose same fiber-optic, unless such doing,cannot realize expectant function. If be a brand-new project, had better introduce odd model fiber-optic. In traditional idea, everybody always thinks to be in relatively stone's throw (5Km less than) the cost of much standard system wants under single standard. Substantial as fiber-optic popularize the fall with equipment price ceaselessly, the dominant position that much model light carries machine price is already nonexistent. From equipment of on transmission distance and effect many model all not as good as single standard, light of more than wanting prep above model carries the sexual price that so eye comes round to say opportunity of Chan Moguang end machine.

2. The smooth end engine that which kinds of technology is based on to choose?
Come from technical angle say digital light carries machine affirmation to want excel imitate light upright machine. But particular case wants in applying actually concrete analysis. The kind that imitate light carries machine implementation wants some simpler, systematic cost is relatively some cheaper. At the same time upright machine is in imitate light to be transmitted only all the way or further distance can be transmitted when two video signal and the signal quality with be obtained better, but if be signal of transmission multichannel video, its transmit distance and signal quality to have relatively substantially drop. Contrast of photograph of chance of digital light end is more complex, technical content is higher, the price is higher, but the mixture that can realize a variety of much passageway, signal more easily is transmitted. Mix all the way in the choice so light of the imitate when chance of end of light of 2 image monitoring carries the sexual price of machine chance of smoother than excel number end, in the series of chance of end of image monitoring light in road and 4 4 above, the sexual price of chance of digital light end is compared chance of end of excel imitate light.

3. Is fiber-optic system to should transmit video? Frequency? Data? Be still the combination of these signal?
Signal of transmission light of basis of smooth end chance can divide amount to to occupy again (Data-RS232/RS422/RS485/ Manchester/ TTL/Biphase/ Contact Closure) carries machine, video solely (Video) light carries machine, frequency (Audio) light carries machine, video / data light carries machine, video / frequency light is carried machine, . The data that considers to transmit even at the same time is one-way two-way still.

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