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Light carries the interface kind of machine
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The typical physics interface of smooth end chance is as follows:

BNC interface
BNC interface is to point to coaxial cable interface, BNC interface is used at join of 75 Europe coaxial cable, offer close (RX) , hair (TX) two passageways, it balances the join of signal with Yufei.
Fiber-optic interface
Fiber-optic interface is to use connection the physical interface of fiber-optic wire cable. Have a few kinds of kinds such as SC, ST, FC normally, they are developed by Japanese NTT company. FC is the abbreviate of Ferrule Connector, its are exterior enhancing way is to use a metal to cover, close solid means is turnbuckle. ST interface is used at 10Base-F normally, SC interface is used at 100Base-FX normally.
RJ-45 interface
RJ-45 interface is the interface with aether most commonly used net, RJ-45 is a commonly used name, those who point to is by IEC (60) 603-7 standardization, use by internationally 8 positions that accept definition of plug-in unit standard (8 needles) modular outlet of the person that insert Kong Huo.
RS-232 interface
RS-232-C interface (weigh EIA RS-232-C again) it is current interface of a the most commonly used kind of serial communication. It is 1970 by association of American electron industry (EIA) the is used at serial communication level that manufacturer of production of manufacturer of associated Bell system, modem and computer terminal establishs jointly. Its full name is “ data terminal unit (DTE) with equipment of data news report (DCE) between ” of standard of technology of interface of switch of data of serial binary system. This standard regulation uses a DB25 connector of 25 feet, try to set to every cites a base signal content of connector, still try to set to the n of all sorts of signal.
RJ-11 interface
RJ-11 interface is the line interface that we say at ordinary times. RJ-11 is to be used at western electronic company (Western Electric) the receives plug-in unit general title of development. Its appearance defines the join parts of an apparatus that is 6 needles. Original name is WExW, the X here expresses “ active ” , contact perhaps hits line needle. For example, WE6W has all 6 contact, number 1 to 6, WE4W interface uses 4 needles only, most two contact outside (1 with 6) need not, WE2W uses intermediate two needles only (namely line interface is used) .

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