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Light carries the bandwidth introduction of machine
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The bandwidth of smooth end chance of universal is so of understanding:
The bandwidth of smooth end chance (Bandwidth) the can work actually normally frequency limits that is chance of end pointing to light. The unit is Hz normally (hertz) . Normally, this range is bigger, the academic adaptability that shows smooth end machine can be stronger. For example, some is inspected / frequency light carries the video bandwidth of machine is 2Hz ~ 10MHz, frequency bandwidth is 40Hz ~ 20KHz, reflected stronger dynamic range breadth.

Think: With the bandwidth of aether net, are we OK also so understand? For example the pure number that certain manufacturer produces is not had when compressing video light to carry machine transmission image, every image bales the data bag of 140M undertakes light is passed, the 140M here is understandable also for bandwidth. Because want to ensure the definition of picture quality, so chance of 4 video light end used the shaven head of thousand million, is not to resemble what undertake having damage to image like a lot of other manufacturer compressing.

Of course, what the bandwidth of smooth end chance points to possibly also is data light upright machine, for example PDH equipment, the chance of PDH light end of 16E1 is called commonly chance of 34M light end, this 34M is understandable also for bandwidth, although have 2M actually,was paid expenses by channel. These put aether net smooth cat, 232 smooth cats in the concept of bandwidth, aether net smooth cat need not say, the cent of 10M/100M/1000M, video light also can make aether net inside upright machine but bandwidth often achieves 100M at most, chance of phone light end also can join aether network, but bandwidth can achieve more however.

Bandwidth is so understandable also opportunity of the end that it is light is right an index of size of transmission data bulk.

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