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How much do you understand to smooth end chance? Look together with me!
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Smooth end chance, namely many E1 (the data of a kind of trunk line roads transmits a standard, normally rate is 2.048Mbps, this standard is used for China and Europe) the equipment that signal becomes smooth signal and transmits. How many what carry machine basis to transmit E1 mouth amount solely, the price is different also. General the least smooth end chance can transmit 4 E1, at present the greatest smooth end opportunity can transmit 4032 E1.
Smooth end chance divides 3 kinds: PDH, SPDH, SDH

PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy, series of exact synchronous number) smooth end chance is chance of end of small size light, it is didymous application commonly, also make nod dot application, the capacity is 4E1 commonly, 8E1, 16E1.

SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, synchronous number series) size of smooth end chance is larger, it is 16E1 commonly to 4032E1.

SPDH (Synchronous Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) smooth end chance, interpose is mixed at PDH between SDH. SPDH is to contain SDH (synchronous number series) the PDH of the characteristic transmits system (the code that is based on PDH fast adjust a principle, technology of net of group of the one part in using SDH as far as possible again at the same time) .

Below small write the smooth end chance that takes you to appreciate two heat to sell! Look of a look!

Provide a company: Beijing Hui Zhiguang amounts to limited company of science and technology

Chance of EW-2100 light end

Product characteristic

Blame compress without word of digit of delay time 8/10/12 encode is transmitted

Digital video sampling leads 15MHz/bits

Transmit two end to be isolated from completely

Chan Moguang fine transmits distance 0~120KM

Do not suffer electromagnetism interference

PAL, NTSC, SECAM makes type compatible

Use SMD surface to stick a technology entirely

Video parameter

Video makes type NTSC, PAL, SECAM

Video is inputted / output impedance 75Ω(blame balance)

Video is inputted / output voltage 1.0V~1.5V

Frequency answers 8MHz -3dB

Model of differential gain <1% (is worth)

Differential and phasic <1°(Typical cost)

Video SNR ≥70 DB (increase advantageous position)

Sampling leads 15M/bits

Connector BNC

Small make up comment on: Chance of end of light of EW-2100 number video is comprised by catapult and receiver, catapult launchs digital video signal to receive data signal at the same time, receiver receives digital video signal to transmit data signal at the same time. EW-2100R receiver uses synchronism to spark the technology realizes automatic gain control, without receive power saturation issue. Fall in any illume conditions all the standard that attainable camera transmits stabilizes image, control signal at the same time accurate transmission gives front controlled device. Include to input video signal indicator light / indicator light of output video signal / fiber-optic link indicator light, so that check systematic breakdown. Will quickly try!
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