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Smooth end chance
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Smooth end chance is the transmission equipment in smooth communication system, basically be to undertake photoelectricity changeover reachs transmission function. Use at control of telegraphic, electric power, monitoring, industry, video to transmit commonly wait for a function, there is wide application in each industries. What the smooth end opportunity that often says points to is to be used at supervisory system to use the light of the comprehensive information such as net of transmission video, data, aether, frequency upright machine. Chance of smooth end of chance of end of light of main component imitate and number. Those who be based on transmission medium is different chance of end of light of model having sheet and much model light carry the fraction of machine.

Chance of digital light end is the image that should transmit place, speech and data signal undertake digitlizing handling, undertake these digital signal again answer good manages, make the digital signal of multichannel low speed is changed into all the way high speed signal, change this one signal into smooth signal. In sink will smooth signal is reductive into telegraphic date, reductive high speed signal discloses a signal of original multichannel low speed, finally again these data signal reductive into image, speech and data signal. The signal that chance of imitate light end will transmit namely has range or frequency modulation changes the telegraphic name with good modulation into smooth signal next. In sink will smooth signal is reductive into telegraphic date, undertake signal again demodulation, reductive an image, speech or data signal.

Quality of transmission signal of chance of digital light end is high, the interference making shift when signal of multichannel of chance of smooth without imitate frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation end is passed together gets environmental influence, transmission quality badly, easily the defect with poor stability of inferior, long-term job, accordingly, chance of digital light end will replace imitate light gradually upright machine.

Smooth end chance is multi-purpose with supervisory system in, transmit a distance when coaxial cable insufficient, moment uses cable to transmit can use smooth end machine. Smooth end chance can transmit video signal to still can transmit frequency signal not only. Namely of the spot inspect frequency to transmit control center together, the example of chance of end of consumed of the commonnest interest is the monitoring of crossroad. General these pickup camera leave control center a few kilometers are far. The cable that use copper light is used to carry machine consumed cable to transmit when amplifier cannot achieve a distance.

Be in at present police of freeway, traffic, electron, monitoring, how to prevent, the domain such as industrial automation, electric power, custom, irrigation works, bank, the smooth end chance such as net of video image, frequency, data, aether already began general and many application.
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