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Video light carries machine sale engineer
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Contact: Ginger young lady faxes: Connect a telephone call: 0571-56835597
Mailing address: Rs@ebang.com postcode: 310013 connection address: Area of Hangzhou west lake road of 10 thousand ponds 28

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Limited company of science and technology of communication of 100 million state is located in Hangzhou Hangzhou is new and high technical development, it is the province that hall of Zhejiang province science and technology holds company of new and high technology, major pursues development of data communication product, development, production and sale. The company owns his independent research and development and manufacturing center, have the research and development of a high quality, management and sale team. Bright of company main product carries machine set, interface converter series, fiber-optic send and receive implement series, telegraphic class grade by implement series, answer wait with range of products, the special railway line that is used extensively at business of each big telegraphic operation to give company level the user accepts network plan. To be received, transmit wait for a domain, the product that waits for social all circles to offer major for Wu of telegraphic, mobile, electric power, finance, oil, traffic, duty, public security, railroad, medical treatment and service, gained the success that fix eyes upon, the company passed ISO9001(2000) system examine and verify, the product already obtained MII telecommunication equipment to receive net license. Combine characteristic of our company business, built a program to change quality system, realized efficient and orderly production. On the technology, we not only the popular skill that mastered current information field, had very good technology reserve, for the company further henceforth progress laid solid foundation. The company advocates “ not only record of formal schooling weighs ability, not only the view of choose and employ persons of ” of heavy outstanding achievement of qualifications and record of service, with reasonable and lawful system standard person, examine a person with working target, lead a person with scientific administrative program, with favorable welfare treatment absorbing, with fairness principle of just rewards and punishment treats a person, hold to " to be with the person this, the person uses up his the administrative concept of ability " .

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