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Beijing light is believed (engineer of hardware of smooth end chance)
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Duty description:

Invite applications for a job:
Technical personnel 1
The requirement has video light to carry the research and development of machine product, manufacturing experience, perfectness circuit and Pcb.
Pay: 10 thousand above of?.6 of a shadow cast by the sun or other way. The requirement is Beijing.
Connect a telephone call: 010-62826002 mailbox: BJgxgt@126.com

Period of efficacy: 3 months

Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted type of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Working seat: Beijing sexual distinction asks: Male
Foreign language requirement: Do not be restricted computer capacity: Do not be restricted
Census register requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: 26 years old
Marital requirement: Do not be restricted to provide monthly pay: 3000-5000 yuan
Mandarin degree: The standard offers board and lodging: The face is discussed

Professional requirement: Correspond kind of requirement is current seat: Beijing

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