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Smooth end chance (KBC/TAYWAY) product manager
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Hold a post requirement:
Record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, electron or computer are relevant and professional.
Familiar how to defend a product, the light that has 2 years of above carries machine industry experience, english is good.

Working duty:

1, the popularizes plan and salesperson management inside responsible area and groom;

2, the integral sale that prompts area, ; of task of the sale that finish, index

3, client of industry of contact our region, the maintenance of responsible and important big client and communication;

4, the relevant job; that helps company headquarters and market department

5, those who control each cost of sales is reasonable control;

6, the other job; that completes ranking arrangement

7, the platoon outside can accepting superior works.

Shenzhen city sea inspects limited company of message science and technology (limited company of science and technology of message of Hong Kong force sells a company) the supplier that is equipment of engineering of system of a weak cable and project bear build business, have abundant technical force and old engineering experience, in TV monitoring and the example that how preventing a respect is an industry more. In supplier of system of numerous much more world-famous weak cable companionate support falls, already became the agent of equipment of weak cable system that has dimensions extremely and contractor. Of the world-renowned brand such as main representative PELCO, DM, IFS how to defend a product.

Firm address: Day of area of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing installs AB of edifice of classics of digital city weather 6A-605 room

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