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Light carries machine district selling manager
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Position property: Complete worker makes a region: Number of Beijing invite applications for a job: 3 human nature fasten a requirement: Do not be restricted date of expiration: Experience of long-term and effective work: 1 year the following record of formal schooling asks: The specialized subject reachs the following the gift of tongues: Do not be restricted pay limits: The face discusses industry category: How to prevent position category: Selling manager / director age requirement: Do not be restricted

Position describes light of video of responsible corporation SLOC to carry the market promotion of machine.

Company introduction:

The branch that Beijing sunshine boasts limited company of technology of Hua Guangtong message fastens Taipei head office to be established in the mainland. Taipei head office held water 1988, it is one of high-tech businesses that pursue light of video of research and development, production, sale the earliest carrying light of machine, network to transmit the product such as equipment of equipment, glossy news report in home. Installing as the new and high technology such as the computer and communication those who prevent a domain is compositive with outspread, the company increases strength of research and development ceaselessly in recent years, the project such as control of invest in process designing, number and video technology is developed, and all fronts put into production chance of end of light of series digitlization video and product of relevant glossy news report.

My company is a foundation with technology of major of glossy news report, rely on numerous industry of its product and country to maintaining extensive product technology collaboration. The company is in at present Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Shenyang, Hefei, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Urumqi is set branch and handle affairs orgnaization, product agent is set in and other places of Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, provided good professional technology support and product after service for the client.

The company has a batch to be engaged in fiber-optic communication and the professional technology staff that how prevent monitoring domain for years, can offer to the client support to executive detailed technique from theory, can perfect the technical issue that in solving a client to work in the spot, breaks out, can offer the world the maintenance of chance of end of each old brand light serves, can offer transmit a department to unite station type to serve to the complete set light of fiber-optic link from optical equipment, make the client's job more concise, efficient.

The sunshine that allows warmth shines each corner of China earth is our ideal!

The genuine and warm each client heart that lets us is the pursuit of our sunshine person!

Contact means E-mail: Wzl_hr@sloc.cn
Contact: Wu Zelin
Phone: 8610-010-58302531-8006
Note: Make clear the name that applies for position and number in mail please, make clear information of this invite applications for a job to originate Hc360.com
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