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Science and technology of Er of Beijing case Lin Wei expands limited company - e
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Position description:

Systematic software framework is designed, participate in product development, directive other does development work; The analysis of product difficulty problem and solve.

Hold a post requirement:

Professional technology capability:

1, the experience that has development to transmit equipment SDH;

2, experience of rich project development, ginseng develops a project at the product, assume the job such as the demand analysis in the project, preliminary design, (the requirement develops a product: Business of transmission product of SDH, MSTP uses a success) ;

Professional knowledge:

1, master adroitly and understand RTOS (real time operating system) , have the person that be based on VxWorks to develop experience preferential

2, perfectness communication equipment is embedded software development

3, + of + of perfectness C, C


Have good group collaboration consciousness, can coach other, and have good communication coordinate ability.


1, record of formal schooling of above of undergraduate course of major of communication, electron, computer;

2, communication of 3 years of above, computation. .

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