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Chance of end of phonic video light
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[Model] Lt

[Seat] China. Beijing. Beijing

[Scope of operations] converter, switch implement modem light carries machine answer to use device fiber-optic send and receive implement net bridge

[Release time] on September 24, 2008

[Commerce index] ★

[Supplier] Beijing road connects Bo Yuantong to believe technical limited company
[Contact] Gong Liufang (sell)
[Mobile phone] 01060896115
[Phone] 86-010-60896115
[Fax] 86-010-82782925
[Address] couplet of the ground on area of Haidian of Beijing Beijing Beijing office building of 10 thousand banks 405 rooms
[Network address] Http://www.mmimm.com/CRD785097/Http://www.ltby.com.cn

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