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Chance of video light end
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Model] EEC-1000-1V1D

[The price] 1000 yuan (RMB) / right (the smallest order goods measure 1 pair) this price orders the price for small lot, quantity bedding face is discussed

[Seat] China. Guangdong. Shenzhen

[Scope of operations] safety defends safety of safety of product project collaboration, protective equipment representative, protective equipment is machined

[Member status] common member

The member examines connection way

[Supplier] limited company of IT of photoelectricity of Shenzhen city easy couplet
[Contact] ever young lady (manager)
[Mobile phone] 13480927584
[Phone] 86-0755-27933620
[Fax] 86-0755-27933620
[Address] area of Baoan of city of Guangdong Shenzhen Shenzhen is prosperous and strong edifice 3 cuddle (by 107 nations line on the west countryside paragraph)
[Network address] Http://www.mmimm.com/CRD1574058/Http://www.eec.com.cn

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